The story of a man who survived the night with his shirt tied to a vine after descending from a cliff in Thailand and being unable to travel at a distance of 30 meters above the ground is a hot topic.

According to the local media Daily News on the 18th, 47-year-old Amnui Ratanachotilo visited a cave near Khao Huachang Reservoir in southern Pataluang Province on the afternoon of the 15th.

Following the light from the ceiling of the cave several meters above, he climbed up and faced a steep, high cliff outside the hole where the light came in.

Unable to go back into the cave, he decided to crawl down the cliff.

He carefully grabbed the vines and tree roots that were covering the top of the cliff and descended, but as the vines that could be grabbed and descended ended in the middle of the cliff, he was unable to walk in the middle of the cliff, about 30 meters from the ground.

During his crisis, Am Nou Yi was known to have stayed up all night tying his upper body to a vine with the t-shirt he was wearing.

The next morning he called for rescue as best as he could, and fortunately, residents heard about it and reported it to the authorities.

About 50 rescuers lowered a 300-meter-long rope from the top of the cliff to tie him up, and then slowly lowered the rope.

After hours of rescue work, he was able to get down safely to the ground in the evening.

Rescued to the cheers of rescuers and residents, he was taken to the hospital for examination.

The man is said to have lived in a religious facility near the cave and often went into the forest to meditate and visit the cave.

(Photo = Daily News capture, Yonhap News)