Örebro Skateboard is today one of Örebro's largest associations with 1600 members, of which 20 percent are girls.

Nowadays, the club has both an outdoor park, a footpath and an indoor arena and the rumor of success is spreading.

- I get calls from all over the country where you wonder "how do you do to succeed" and feel that we must share our knowledge with others, says Daniel Nätterdal at Örebro Skateboard.

"No need to be a trained carpenter"

Thanks to a grant from the General Heritage Fund of SEK 2.9 million, Daniel will now investigate the conditions for finding land, building ramps and developing a "template" that can be used throughout the country.

- We will both check with landowners and find out what permits are needed, but also look at different materials and methods for building good ramps.

You do not have to be a trained carpenter to make a good ramp.

Need help starting associations

In five locations in Örebro County, pilot projects will be carried out to test the ideas.

An important step will also help practitioners organize and start associations.

- This is the dilemma in this sport: Most people drive alone, but if you do not have an association, you can not get part of the grants and investments that exist in the municipalities.