Denmark celebrates its National Day with high-end music

"The show keeps going"... Spreads optimism in the "Expo Dubai"

  • Denmark's celebrations of her day included many paragraphs.

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  • The pavilion takes visitors on a journey that allows them to experience the Danish way of living.

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  • Hansen, who lives in Dubai, is famous for playing during the lockdown period from his balcony, to entertain his neighbors and spread positive energy.


To the melodies of the fine cello and piano, the Kingdom of Denmark celebrated its National Day at Expo 2020 Dubai, yesterday, spreading an atmosphere of positivity in Al Wasl Square.

The Danish celebrations began with the official ceremonies of raising the flags of the UAE and the Kingdom, with the playing of the national anthems of the two countries, and welcoming speeches, after which visitors to the international event enjoyed a performance by the Danish cellist residing in Dubai, Soren Ling Hansen.

The Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for International Development Affairs, Sultan Muhammad Al Shamsi, received the Danish Ambassador to the UAE, Franz Michael Skjöld Melben.

Vikings age

Sultan Al Shamsi said: “The Denmark Pavilion puts sustainability at its core, as it is reflected in its architecture and design. a wide range of industries.

He added, "We are pleased to be Denmark's leading partner in the Middle East with regard to its carbon diplomacy, and we look forward to strengthening cooperation between our two countries in the field of energy, climate change and trade, particularly in light of the key role that the UAE plays as a regional business hub."

close relationships

For his part, Franz Melben stressed that "the three Expo themes of mobility, sustainability and opportunities reflect the close relations between the people of Denmark and the UAE," noting that the two countries are close partners in combating climate change, investing in climate solutions for the present and the future, as well as in Supporting ambitious transformations in the field of energy, and urging global solidarity to combat the climate crisis.

He continued, “By working together as one entity on a global scale;

We will be able to meet the challenges arising from the climate change crisis, and Denmark looks forward to continuing close cooperation with the UAE on initiatives and the success of COP28, which Dubai will host in two years.

I hope that the topics and visions presented at the Expo 2020 Dubai site will inspire us to be part of tomorrow’s solutions and help shape the bright green future for all of us.”

Iconic tracks

Danish cellist, residing in Dubai, Soren Ling Hansen, performed at Al Wasl Square a set of iconic Danish musical pieces, during which he was accompanied by artist Antonia Stoyanova playing the piano.

Hansen was famous for his “show must continue” approach, through his behavior since the first weeks of the national sterilization program in the UAE, as he was playing from the balcony of his house to entertain his neighbors and spread positive energy among the members of society, during those difficult times.

The Danish pavilion, located in the Mobility Zone, reviews the Kingdom of Denmark's ancient maritime past and its green future plans, aimed at reducing carbon emissions in the country by 70% by 2030, in a move aimed at achieving a high level of sustainable development that ensures the well-being of society.

Innovative and sustainable products

Visitors to "Expo 2020 Dubai" can learn about the history of the Kingdom of Denmark, its bright present, and its business stories, in addition to enjoying the experience of different, innovative and sustainable Danish products.

• The Danish pavilion reviews the ancient maritime past of the Kingdom of Denmark and its green future plans.