Our streets have talent… And taste buds!

Our "Full fingers" series is back in service.

20 Minutes makes you discover the best French street-food has to offer.

And there, we went to Pacha, located in the Lille metropolis, to taste the best kebab in France.

From the outside, it is hard to believe that we are in front of the best kebab in France.

Located in the main street of Saint-André-lez-Lille, the Pacha does not look like much next to the town hall café.

And yet, lovers of “salad, tomato, onion”, “how are you, chef?

» or even « the drink you use » are not mistaken.

It is this little restaurant that has just won the award for best kebab in France for the third time.

Organized each year by the kebab-frites site, the vote is based on customer comments.

And as in 2016 and 2017, the Pasha won the day.

"Success is explained by hard work, respect for schedules and customers, without forgetting the use and quality of good ingredients", rejoices Daniel Nouri, the owner of the place well known in the Lille kebab community.

Attendance has skyrocketed since the title

This sexagenarian, originally from Kurdistan, arrived in France in the 90s following the Gulf War where he provided security for French and American soldiers.

Having left Iraq penniless and without speaking a word of French, Daniel arrived in Brest where he opened his first kebab on a whim.

Then, heading north where from Vieux-Lille to Saint-André via La Madeleine, success is guaranteed every time.

Today, nine employees, including two of his sons, work at Pacha de Saint-André, which opened in 2012. And the better kebab effect was not long in being felt.

“We have at least 50% more attendance.

People come from all over to come and taste the best kebab.

Some come from Lens, Armentières or Tourcoing.

There is even a group of young people who drove 40 minutes just to come and eat our kebab.

It's always nice to know that people don't hesitate to come and have a taste,” says Bayar Nouri, the owner's son.

Amazing bread and sauce

It remains to be seen whether this honorary title is deserved.

Taking our courage in both hands, we tested this famous sandwich which is worth 5.50 euros.

And frankly, there is enough to jump to the ceiling.

What makes the difference is clearly the bread, delivered daily, which has an incomparable crispness.

The meat melts in your mouth, the vegetables, delivered three times a week, are fresh and the famous white sauce is killer.

In short, nothing to say except that we enjoyed ourselves.

“We are not going to change with this title.

We were the same before, we will remain the same after,” concludes Bayar Nouri.

The recipe for success is not about to stop.


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