On July 31, the mother was called by the police and was informed that her daughter had died.

It is when she begins to tell about the conversation that the tears begin to flow.

- It is impossible to describe the pain you feel.

It feels like you die yourself, the mother said in court.

After the murder, the mother has felt a threat to herself.

After the murder, they have changed their housing situation due to the threat picture and before the first interrogations with the police, the mother says that she was advised to think about her words by a person within the police.

The daughter planned her own funeral

Before the murder, the daughter and the mother talked about the situation and quarrels with other people.

The mother did not understand then how serious the situation was, but when the funeral was to be planned, the daughter's planning was found in the "White Archive".

According to the mother, the daughter must have created a document there two weeks before the murder.

- She must be damn scared.

I wish she had said how threatened she was, says the mother.

Hear plaintiff's assistant Carolina Holmberg tell more about Mother's Day in court.