• A shower motorhome will begin to criss-cross the streets of Rennes to allow people living in the street to take a shower and wash themselves.

  • The initiative is led by the young association Bulles Solidaires.

  • For four years, its volunteers have already been collecting personal hygiene products which are redistributed during marauding events.

Taking care of bodies to restore dignity to men and women living on the street.

This is the mission of the Bulles Solidaires association, which was created in 2017 in Rennes.

Other actors already ensuring the distribution of clothing or food to the poorest people, the young team has from the start focused on personal hygiene products.

"A little extra that meets a real need, both for the health and for the self-esteem of these people", according to its president Laure-Anna Galeandro-Diamant.

Very quickly, the association wove its web in the city by setting up collection points to collect soaps, razors, deodorants and sanitary napkins which are then redistributed during marauding events.

After four years of effort, the commitment is bearing fruit for the fifty or so volunteers who collected more than 6 t of produce last year.

The problem of access to water for homeless people

In the next few days, the association will also begin to crisscross the city aboard a motorhome.

A project that germinated after a moment of embarrassment experienced by Laure-Anna during a street tour.

"One day, I offered a soap to a gentleman but he refused," she says.

I did not understand, at first, until he explained to me that it was of no use to him because he did not have access to water.

I then felt very stupid.


But not enough to discourage the young woman who, following the model of the Mobil'Douche association in Paris, went in search of a motorhome two years ago to allow homeless people to take a hot shower. and wash for free.

It was on Le Bon Coin that the association finally found the rare pearl, financing the purchase of the vehicle thanks to the 20,000 euros collected via crowdfunding during the first confinement.

A place to have a coffee and chat

After months of work, the motorhome, baptized Bulle Mobile, is now ready to roll.

The old bedroom has been replaced by a large bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet.

Large water tanks have also been installed inside to allow an autonomy of about fifteen showers per day.

All necessary toiletries are of course provided inside the motorhome, which is also intended to be a place of listening and comfort for these people in pain.

"We have set up a lounge area so that they can sit down to have a coffee and take the time to chat," says Laure-Anna.

A few days before the launch, the association's volunteers are now looking for the right formula.

“We do not yet know if we will park the motorhome in one place for an entire evening or if we will crisscross the city”, wonders the president.

The mobile bathroom will initially operate once a week.

"But we hope to be able to ensure more days of presence soon," she says.

We need more volunteers for this.

» The call is launched.


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