Entering the production cluster of snail powder in Liuzhou, Guangxi——

"Snail noodles, snacks are not 'small'!" (Booming China)

  The development of the industry must have characteristics.

The snail powder is the special feature, it grabbed everyone's stomach and made it into an industry on the tip of the tongue.

We must continue to take the road of branding, and at the same time adhere to high quality and hold high standards.

I believe that the snail powder industry will have greater development prospects in the future.

  ——Xi Jinping

  "Rice is a small delicacy, snacks are a big soul. Fans live the life and the moon, and snails compete with the world."

  The Liujiang River in February was drizzly.

On the streets and alleys of Liuzhou, Guangxi, snail powder shops can be seen everywhere.

"Fresh, spicy, sour and hot" snail noodles have become popular all over the country and the world in recent years, becoming a golden business card of Liuzhou.

  On April 26, 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping told everyone when he inspected the Liuzhou snail powder production cluster: "The development of the industry must have characteristics. The snail powder is the feature, which has captured everyone's stomach and made it into an industry on the tip of the tongue. We must continue to take the road of branding, and at the same time adhere to high quality and maintain high standards. I believe that the snail powder industry will have greater development prospects in the future.”

"This batch of new domestic equipment is really good"

  Recently, the reporter came to the Liuzhou snail powder production gathering area. There is a busy scene here, processing, inspection, packaging, procurement, live broadcast...

  It was almost time for lunch. In the packaging workshop of Guangxi Shanyuan Food Co., Ltd., the speed of the conveyor belt slowly slowed down.

The reporter counted, even at this time, there are more than 480 packets of snail powder every minute.

  Tan Peipei, a 32-year-old worker in an outsourced workshop, told reporters: "Workers and I are very excited to see the general secretary in person in the factory! Snail noodles, snacks are not 'small'!" recalled the day when General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected the production process of snail noodles , Tan Peipei looked excited.

As a mother of two children, she is very satisfied with life: "I live a very fulfilling life every day. In the peak season, I can earn five or six thousand yuan a month, and in the low season, I can earn more than 3,000 yuan. I am full of happiness!"

  In the ingredient production area not far away, Li Meng, the deputy general manager of the company, was dressed in tooling and kept an eye on the electricity and gas meters. He copied the latest readings in a notebook and nodded.

To cook a bowl of snail noodles, the soup base is the key.

A few months ago, the company updated the soup cooking equipment, and the energy consumption dropped a lot.

  "In the previous soup pot, a maximum of 700 catties of soup base could be boiled at a time, and a pot was boiled for at least five or six hours, and the electricity cost exceeded 100 yuan." The cost has always been Li Meng's heart problem. With natural gas as the heat source, he was much more relieved. "These new domestic equipment are really good! It takes only 3 hours to cook 1 ton of soup base at a time, and the energy consumption cost is reduced to less than 100 yuan."

  Liuzhou people are fond of snails and snails. When the two hobbies collide, there is a special snack called snail noodles.

Liuzhou is a typical industrial city.

In the early years, the factory was rushing to order, and the workers "worked three shifts" in the morning, noon and evening.

Many workers who are off middle and late work have to eat supper, and as the days go on, they have built up large and small snail noodle shops.

  In 2014, the first bagged snail noodles came out.

The local delicacies that were not easy to maintain and transport have since spread to the whole country.

  How is the snail powder business?

Jia Jiangong, deputy director of the Liuzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, knows this.

In 2014, there was only 1 snail powder manufacturer in Liuzhou; by the end of 2021, this number will become 127.

A bowl of snail noodles has created more than 300,000 jobs, driven the development of hundreds of thousands of acres of raw material bases including rice, bamboo shoots, beans, and fungus, forming an industrial chain covering agriculture, food industry, e-commerce and other fields.

  Preliminary statistics show that in 2021, the sales revenue of Liuzhou snail powder industry chain will reach 50.16 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 40%.

"Roll up your sleeves and polish our golden brand"

  The snail powder industry is booming, attracting a group of entrepreneurs.

The government has established a gathering area for the production of snail powder, so that enterprises can not only "cross the sea" but also "rely on each other".

  In the summer of 2021, Guangxi Chaohuo Food Technology Co., Ltd. suddenly received a large order for nearly 150,000 packets of snail noodles.

It will be shipped in a few days, but its own production capacity has peaked.

In order to avoid missed appointments, the person in charge of the company asked for help from his peers.

The Qingxin Food Technology Co., Ltd. next door decisively extended a helping hand, and even the production capacity of 50,000 bags per day helped it tide over the difficulties.

  "When General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected, he told us that snail noodles should continue to take the road of branding. I think this "brand" includes both individual enterprises and the whole "Liuzhou snail noodles"." Production Director of Qingxin Food Technology Co., Ltd. Wei Gang said that "Liuzhou snail noodles" will be called louder when everyone competes in a healthy way and helps each other.

  In order to help enterprises detect nitrite, pathogenic bacteria, pesticide and veterinary drug residues and other indicators of products, Liuzhou Quality Inspection and Testing Research Center has set up a quality inspection service station in the gathering area, and Gong Xinling is the person in charge.

This doctor of chemistry is really hard work: the service station and laboratory are located at both ends of Liuzhou City. For more than five years, Gong Xinling has been running around to transport inspection and quarantine samples, saving a lot of trouble for the company.

  "The general secretary emphasized during the inspection that 'to control quality and safety'. Snail powder is an industry on the tip of the tongue. The more prosperous we are, the more we have to do it well, so that enterprises and consumers feel at ease." Gong Xinling pointed to her chest The party emblem said.

  It is difficult to develop rapidly with sufficient characteristics, strong brand name and excellent quality.

  Going more than 900 meters to the north from the gate of the production cluster, there is a large new factory building, and on the east side are several rows of cement pools with a depth of four or five meters.

"After the new factory is put into operation, each pool here can pickle 100 tons of sour bamboo shoots or sour beans at a time, which is a new taste!" Lv Zhen said with a smile.

Since 2017, Guangxi Chuanxiangfang Food Co., Ltd., where she serves as the manager of the planning department, has begun to supply ingredients for other snail powder companies.

These days, she is busy developing new products to grab the "stomach" of more young people.

  "It was raining lightly the day the general secretary came, but everyone's heart was as warm as they had just finished eating snail noodles. We must roll up our sleeves and polish our golden brand!" said Lu Zhen.

"Small businesses must also have a 'big picture'"

  To make "millet flour" a "big industry", private enterprises are connected to the field and the world at one end, and the role is not small.

  The reporter rushed to Baile Village, Sun Village Town, Liuzhou City, and saw the small buildings with white walls and blue tiles in the village, which became more and more beautiful against the sunset.

  According to Huang Chunjun, a "post-85" villager, most of these buildings were built in recent years.

Sour bamboo shoots are the "soul-level" ingredients of snail noodles. Bamboo shoots, which are abundant in the mountains behind the village, are the perfect raw materials for making sour bamboo shoots.

The villagers dug up the bamboo shoots and sold them to enterprises, and the average annual income increased by 2,000-4,000 yuan per mu of mountainous area.

  In recent years, more and more young people have returned to their hometowns for employment, and Huang Chunjun is one of them.

"Everyone is thinking about deep processing of bamboo shoots to increase the added value!" He said, "The general secretary's concern for the snail powder industry and concern for farmers to increase their income has brought us the confidence and blessings to become rich!"

  In addition to the happiness of making money, the villagers are even more proud of the fact that the bamboo shoots in the village have crossed the sea with the snail powder!

  Yao Hanlin, chairman of Guangxi Luobawang Food Technology Co., Ltd., took stock of the business situation.

He told reporters that in January this year, the company's orders on hand were more than three times that of the same period last year.

"Luobawang" series products are exported to the United States, Malaysia, Mexico, Australia and other countries, covering more than 40 countries and regions.

  "The general secretary said that the snail powder industry will have greater development prospects in the future. For our company, this is an encouragement and a responsibility." Yao Hanlin believes that real gold is not afraid of fire, as long as it is solid, high-quality and high-standard If you work hard, snail noodles will be popular all over the world.

  Not long ago, Chen Sheng, chairman of Guangxi Shanyuan Food Co., Ltd., made a decision to introduce degradable packaging materials.

Although the cost of outer packaging and finished products will rise, he believes that these costs can be absorbed by means of refined management.

  "The rise in short-term costs is a small account, and promoting the green and sustainable development of the industry is a big account." Chen Sheng said, "Our small enterprises must also have a 'big picture'."

  Big business pattern, big industry development.

The snail powder is sold all over the world, and the "Golden Phoenix" is coming.

In the Liuzhou snail powder production cluster, in addition to the pure Liuzhou dialect, dialects of Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Sichuan, Shaanxi and other places can also be heard.

  Bowls of snail noodles with a unique flavor, "winding" out of the steaming good scene.

  Our reporter Wang Junling Zhang Yunhe