China News Service, Fuzhou, February 16th (Zheng Jiangluo) On the 16th, the "Handball Interaction Classroom for Cross-Strait Handball Exchange" was held in Fuzhou.

It is reported that this is the first time that Zhang Zhaorui, a Taiwanese physical education teacher, has opened an open class for children's handball in Fuzhou.

"To promote handball, we must start with dolls." Zhang Zhaorui said.

  Zhang Zhaorui is from Taichung, Taiwan. After graduating with a doctorate from Beijing Sports University in 2020, he came to Fuzhou for development. He is currently teaching at the School of Sports Science of Fujian Normal University and is committed to promoting handball.

  At the scene, Zhang Zhaorui shared with the children the development history of handball, the rules of competition, and gave demonstration teaching.

  "Handball originated in northern Europe and is a ball game developed by combining the characteristics of basketball and football. It is a ball game that uses the hand to score and score the opponent's goal. It became an official event at the 11th Olympic Games in 1936. It is an important event in the previous Olympic Games." Zhang Zhaorui said that he hoped that through a little bit of power, handball could become an 'ambassador' that greatly promotes cross-strait exchanges, so that children on both sides of the strait can increase a way of interaction through handball.

  In Zhang Zhaorui's view, in the past, handball was only well-known in first-tier cities in mainland China, but little known in Fujian. In recent years, Fujian Province has also begun to gradually promote handball.

  "We introduce Taiwanese handball young talents through the cross-strait handball exchange forums or competitions held every year." Zhang Zhaorui said in an interview with reporters that Taiwan has more handball sports teachers, and Fuzhou has a shortage of handball teachers. He hopes to build cross-strait handball teachers. As a bridge for handball education and exchanges, the mainland "has a platform and space", which is a good opportunity for Taiwanese youth.

  Zhang Zhaorui hopes to bring this sport into Fuzhou's kindergarten and primary school physical education classes in the future.

"Next, we will carry out cooperation with kindergartens and primary schools in Fuzhou to promote handball." In addition to handball equipment, handball training for kindergarten teachers will also be provided.

  He is still preparing handball to enter the university campus courses, is customizing the handball course outline, and promoting the construction of handball venues. It is expected that the course will officially start at the university in September this year. He plans to introduce handball from the public physical education class, and develop it into an elective course in the physical education college in the future. Even compulsory courses.

  As one of the series of activities of the "2022 Taiwan Talents 'Rooted in Rongcheng Integrated Development' Series of Exchange Activities Exhibition", this exchange and interactive class aims to showcase the achievements of Rongtai educational exchanges and cooperation, enhance the friendship between compatriots on both sides of the strait, and enhance the compatriots in Rongtai. A sense of belonging.

The series of activities were jointly organized by the Talent Office of the Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Office, the Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Taiwan League, the Fujian Institute of Technology, the Municipal Taiwan Compatriot Investment Enterprise Association, and Fuzhou Huiju, and were successfully launched on January 25.