• Amine Elbahi, a 25-year-old lawyer from Roubaix, is invested by LR for the legislative elections.

  • He will run in the 8th constituency of the North, which includes Roubaix.

  • The young man was heavily publicized after his appearance on the M6 ​​program 

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     dealing with radical Islam.

The deputy LR Eric Ciotti announced, this Wednesday, the investiture Les Républicains of Amine Elbahi for the legislative elections of 2022. The Roubaisien, noticed in the report of

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on radical Islam, will present himself in the 8th district of North currently owned by La République en Marche.

Freshly graduated in public law, Amine Elbahi, 25, made himself known locally for his commitment against Islamism.

Personally affected by this phenomenon, his sister having gone to Syria, he made it his fight.

Forbidden Zone

 made him its fixer for the sequences shot in Roubaix of the report on radical Islam.

Threatened with death and invited on all sets

In the subject of M6, Amine Elbahi testifies with his face uncovered, showing to the camera Muslim businesses selling faceless dolls.

He also mentions a case he had previously revealed involving the mayor of Roubaix Guillaume Delbar in the financing of an association accused of providing Koranic lessons.

All this earned him death threats and police protection.

As soon as the report aired, the young jurist from Roubaix was invited to all television sets to talk about his commitment against Islamism.

Our colleagues from Le


even dedicated a full-page portrait to him.

In the process, he multiplied the meetings of right-wing political leaders: Laurent Wauquiez, Bruno Retailleau, Eric Ciotti.

Amine Elbahi also stood out by speaking at the meeting of the LR candidate for the presidential election, Valérie Pécresse, last Sunday.

“To put an end to radical Islamism, I chose Valérie Pécresse!

", did he declare.

For this, the Roubaisien also integrates the campaign team of the candidate in the group led by Eric Ciotti in charge of questions of authority.

"Our difference with Eric Zemmour is that we will fight with our Muslim compatriots who suffer [radical Islam]", commented the person concerned on Twitter.

Three days later, he is invested by LR for the next legislative elections.

"He will carry our colors with his talent and his energy in Roubaix, a city where he is the spearhead in the fight against Islamism and communitarianism", welcomed Eric Ciotti.

This constituency, the 8th in the North, is currently held by Catherine Osson (LREM).


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