China News Service, February 16. According to the news on the website of the Ministry of Education on the 16th, the Ministry of Education issued the "Opinions on Carrying out the Comprehensive Supervision and Evaluation of the End of the Tenure of Primary and Secondary School Kindergarten (Park) Heads" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions"), and the deployment is under construction. The comprehensive supervision and evaluation system for the end of the term of primary and kindergarten school (garden) long.

  The "Opinions" require that to carry out comprehensive supervision and evaluation of school (kindergarten) heads, we must adhere to the correct orientation, play the role of the baton of supervision and evaluation, implement the "five educations", adhere to developmental evaluation, and focus on solving the problems in the development of the majority of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. prominent problems faced.

It is necessary to strengthen overall planning and coordination, and strengthen coordination with preschool education behavior evaluation, basic education quality monitoring, responsibility supervision, inspection and inspection, economic responsibility audit, etc., so as to avoid increasing the burden on the grassroots.

It is necessary to reflect local conditions, not only to strengthen the unified requirements for the performance of the school (kindergarten) director, but also to fully consider the differences between regions and schools, and promote the establishment of distinctive features.

It is necessary to innovate methods and methods, pay attention to the use of information technology means, and adopt methods such as the combination of online and offline, the combination of open and unannounced visits, and the combination of qualitative and quantitative methods to optimize the work process and ensure the effect of supervision.

  The "Opinions" make it clear that the comprehensive supervision and evaluation of the school (kindergarten) director is the primary and secondary school kindergarten school (kindergarten) director (including private and Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions) with independent legal person qualifications.

Among them, compulsory education schools include primary schools, junior high schools and nine-year schools, and ordinary high schools include senior high schools, complete middle schools, twelve-year schools and Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions.

  The "Opinions" clarified the key points of comprehensive supervision and evaluation from seven aspects, including party building, moral cultivation, school governance, teachers' work, standardized school running, safety and hygiene, and satisfaction surveys.

At the same time, reference points for supervision and evaluation have been formulated for the principals of kindergartens, the principals of compulsory education schools, and the principals of ordinary high schools.

Provinces can study and formulate local supervision and evaluation indicators on the basis of reference points in light of their actual conditions.

It not only strengthens the national unified requirements for comprehensive supervision and evaluation, but also leaves sufficient space for localities to ensure compliance with local and school realities.

  The "Opinions" make arrangements for the organization and implementation of the comprehensive supervision and evaluation of primary and secondary school kindergarten (kindergarten) heads, as well as the responsibilities of national and local education supervision departments at all levels, the implementation procedures for comprehensive supervision, pilot requirements, work requirements, and the application of supervision and evaluation results. until clearly defined.

  In order to effectively play the role of the school (kindergarten) principal's comprehensive supervision and evaluation, the "Opinions" especially emphasize that the party committees, governments and education authorities at or above the county level should make the comprehensive supervision and evaluation report on the end of the term of primary and secondary kindergarten school (kindergarten) principals as the school running situation. An important basis for diagnosis, major decision-making, and the assessment of the school (garden) director; relevant departments should use the comprehensive supervision and evaluation results as an important reference and basis for the school (garden) president's commendation, award, selection and appointment; ), they must be seriously held accountable in accordance with the "Measures for Accountability of Education Supervision"; education supervision departments at all levels should disclose the comprehensive supervision and evaluation report of the end of the term of office of the heads of primary and secondary schools, kindergartens (gardens) in an appropriate manner, and actively accept social supervision.

  According to the deployment of the "Opinions", in 2022, the Office of the Education Steering Committee of the State Council will comprehensively consider the geographical distribution, career development level, work foundation, etc., and select some provinces to take the lead in pilot projects, and gradually implement them nationwide on the basis of summarizing experience.