Israeli Prime Minister Bennett of the Middle East made his first official visit to Bahrain, an Arab country with normalized diplomatic relations.

With a view to approaching Saudi Arabia, which has no diplomatic relations, it seems that the aim is to strengthen relations with Arab countries.

Israeli Prime Minister Bennett made an official visit to Bahrain, where diplomatic relations were normalized, for the first time as the Prime Minister of Israel, and met with King Hamad on the 15th.

After the meeting, Prime Minister Bennett said, "We were able to discuss a lot to build a stronger and more stable region," and King Hamad welcomed "a fruitful historic visit."

In addition, the Israeli government issued a statement, emphasizing the significance that "Bahrain is a gateway to Saudi Arabia and surrounding markets, and this relationship can benefit Israel," and also to approach Saudi Arabia, which has close ties with Bahrain's neighboring countries. Showed expectations.

Israel has no diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia, which is the center of the Arab nations, over the Palestinian issue, but it is reported that former Prime Minister Netanyahu visited in secret.

It seems that Israel wants to increase the pressure on hostile Iran by strengthening relations with these Arab countries.