In Indonesia, the infection of the new coronavirus has spread again, and the number of newly confirmed infections on the 15th was about 57,000, the highest ever.

Since the beginning of this month, the death of one Japanese living in the area has been confirmed.

In Indonesia, the number of new coronavirus infections per day has been less than 1,000 since October last year, but infection with the Omicron strain has spread rapidly since January.

According to the Indonesian government, 57,049 new infections were confirmed on the 15th, the highest number ever.

In addition, 134 people have died.

The infection has spread among Japanese people living in the area, and according to the Japanese Embassy in Indonesia, it was confirmed that a man in his 70s was infected and died on the 13th of this month.

In Indonesia, more than 20 Japanese people living in Indonesia have died so far due to the spread of Delta strain infection last year, but it is the first time that Japanese deaths have been confirmed since September last year. ..

With the rapid increase in infection, the Indonesian government has tightened regulations from the 7th of this month in the capital Jakarta, etc., such as raising the ratio of telecommuting of companies to 50% or more and limiting the number of people using restaurants. rice field.

On the other hand, the Indonesian government is calling for medical treatment at home if the symptoms are mild, as many people have relatively mild symptoms compared to the Delta strain.