As the government calls on local Japanese to evacuate over the situation in Ukraine, a Japanese man who has been planning to evacuate for many years responded to an interview saying, "It's very sad because it's a country that has been taken care of." I asked for the local situation to settle down quickly.

NHK was interviewed online by Yoshihiro Terada, who has lived in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine for more than 30 years, and is an assistant artistic director at the national opera theater.

Mr. Terada commented on the state of Kiev city, "I still have a peaceful impression." "Today, I felt that there were few cars and people. I hope that people from overseas will leave Ukraine. I think the reason is that it was reported. "

According to Mr. Terada, the supermarkets in Kiev have not bought up, but the prices of foods such as eggs have risen in the last few months, and electricity and gas will be used in the future. Locals have reported that prices could rise significantly.

Mr. Terada said he was "not concerned" about the possibility of Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, but "I am afraid that something will happen in Ukraine. The Ukrainians are the biggest. I think I'm worried, "he said, and was worried that the domestic situation would become unstable as the tension continued.

On the other hand, in response to a call from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan to evacuate, two Japanese ballet dancers belonging to this ballet company returned to Japan temporarily, and Mr. Terada also evacuated with his wife on the 14th. I was planning.

However, the flight has been canceled and it is now scheduled to evacuate on the 21st flight.

Mr. Terada said, "Since it is a country that has been indebted for 36 years, it is very sad that the country is in the current situation. I hope that a peaceful era will come as soon as possible." I asked for the situation to settle down quickly.

The state of Kiev city

The footage taken by Yoshihiro Terada in the city center on the 14th shows cars and people passing by on the road.

According to Mr. Terada, the impression is that the number of cars and traffic is decreasing due to the fact that each country such as the United States is calling on its own people living in the area to evacuate abroad.

Also, from the video, the cafe is open and the grocery stores are lined up without buying up.

In addition, the video also shows the national opera theater in Kiev, where Mr. Terada assists the artistic director, but the opera and other performances are being held as usual.