The learning burden has been reduced, how can the quality of primary and secondary education be improved?

  On February 15, Lv Yugang, director of the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education, said at a press conference that in 2022, the education field should continue to make the implementation of "double reduction" the top priority of school work, and continue to consolidate and improve the school's "double reduction". work level.

  Looking back on the fall semester of 2021, Lu Yugang introduced that the total amount of homework time has been effectively controlled, the homework management system has been generally established, and the level of homework design has been continuously improved.

The students who completed the written assignments within the specified time increased from 46% before the "double reduction" to more than 90%.

The percentage of students volunteering for after-school service increased from 49.1% at the end of last spring semester to 92.2% at the end of the fall semester.

  "Double reduction", reducing the burden is to cure the symptoms, and the purpose is to improve the quality.

How to ensure the quality of education and teaching while reducing the burden?

  Wang Pan, director of the Education Commission of Xicheng District, Beijing, said that Xicheng District takes improving the effectiveness of classroom teaching as the starting point for reducing the burden on the school, adhering to the work strategy of "administrative promotion by the Education Commission - action research by the teaching and scientific research department - school behavior improvement", to achieve a comprehensive District schools conduct teaching guidance and quality control.

  In terms of teaching, let the district-level subject leaders and key teachers fully participate and set an example, and conduct advanced research and demonstration proofing around the formative evaluation and overall unit work design under the background of "double reduction".

During the event, a total of 415 classes and 6 professional forums in 13 disciplines were opened, which played a better role in teaching research, academic leadership, and radiation driving.

  In terms of homework, carry out three-plus linkage research of "formative evaluation + homework research + classroom teaching".

The example of unit knowledge map and operation map was introduced, the design thinking model of unit operation was developed, and the hierarchical advanced operation system of "basic class-promotion class-expansion class" was constructed.

  In order to let parents understand "double reduction", Xicheng District also pushed courses such as "National and Beijing's 'Double Reduction' Policy Analysis" and "Home-School Society Linkage to Be a Life Watcher" through the online classroom of the district parent school. In-depth interpretation of the policy.

From the school level, we comprehensively strengthen home-school communication, and hold parent meetings and parent salons with themes of regulating school-running behavior and reducing student burdens.

Through "volunteers" and "parent lectures", parents are allowed to enter the campus to enhance parents' understanding and support for the "double reduction" work.

  Wang Pan emphasized that the key to the "double reduction" lies in the school, and the success or failure depends on the principal and teachers.

Xicheng District will continue to further promote the "double reduction" to develop in depth, and strive to make every child experience happiness in all-round and healthy growth, so that every teacher can develop in teaching and educating people, and let the general public enjoy the achievements of education reform. Get satisfaction.

  Chu Xinhong, the principal of Yueyangdao Primary School in Heping District, Tianjin, introduced that the school has established a large-scale concept of quality under the concept of comprehensive education. It requires quality from high-quality courses, quality from high-quality teaching, and quality from multiple evaluations.

Chu Xinhong said that under the "double reduction", in the evaluation, the school from the past only paid attention to the cold "points" and now pays more attention to the living "people".

"After the implementation of the 'Double Reduction', we carefully designed and implemented the 'Weekly Growth Record' for students. Students organize a week's study, life, labor, physical exercise, specialty development, etc. into a book, from a static quantitative result evaluation to a dynamic process Sexual evaluation." Chu Xinhong said.

  Zhu Dongbin, deputy director of the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education, said at the press conference that in order to ensure the quality of education and teaching, schools in various regions should strengthen education and teaching management, improve teachers' professional ability, and strengthen quality evaluation and testing.

  Zhu Dongbin said that in the monitoring of teaching quality, attention should be paid to quality analysis and result feedback.

According to the results of quality monitoring, in view of the existing deficiencies, take effective improvement measures to ensure the continuous improvement of teaching quality.

In addition, schools in all regions are required to incorporate the effectiveness of the "double reduction" work into the school-running quality evaluation system, reflect problem orientation, improve evaluation methods, and give full play to the guiding role of quality evaluation.

Zhu Dongbin revealed that in order to more objectively understand the implementation of the "double reduction" work in schools in various places, the Ministry of Education will also entrust a third party to carry out an independent investigation of the implementation of the "double reduction" and conduct follow-up evaluations.

  (Science and Technology Daily, Beijing, February 15)