China News Service, February 15th. Japan's "Japan-China Business Daily" reported that in order to celebrate the successful holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics, it was co-sponsored by the Hunan Association of Japan and the China Cultural Center. The Japanese branch of the Confucius Museum, Japan-China cultural exchange The "Celebrating the Winter Olympics, Welcoming the Tiger Spring" painting exhibition co-organized by the Qingfeng Art Museum in the center was recently held at the Chinese Cultural Center in Tokyo, Japan.

  Luo Yuquan, director of the China Cultural Center, said at the event: "During the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, it is a great honor to hold an art exhibition of 'Celebrating the Winter Olympics, welcoming the Tiger Spring' and deepening cultural exchanges between China and Japan. , not afraid of the test, and at the same time thank the Hunan Association of Japan for their support, and wish everyone a prosperous Year of the Tiger."

  Wu Lvjiang, director of Wu Zhidong Art Museum, said: "During the short preparation process for the exhibition, I received great support from Wu Zhidong's close friends before his death, and the brief comments on his works that were full of love deeply moved me. This year's dry branch" Ren Yin' has a meaning of thriving after crossing the harsh winter, I hope everyone can usher in a beautiful and prosperous Spring of the Year of the Tiger this year, and I hope everyone can live a healthy life every day."

  It is a traditional Chinese festival, and during the Beijing Winter Olympics, this art exhibition is of extraordinary significance to the members of the Hunan Association in Japan, the overseas Chinese in Japan, and Japanese friends. The works exhibited this time include Chinese ink paintings, Western oil paintings and Japanese paintings are expressed in various forms, which express the pride of the overseas Chinese in Japan for hosting the Winter Olympics in the motherland and their good wishes for the Year of the Tiger.