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After the announcement of the interruption of their marital relationship, the Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin

have seen each other again.

They met secretly last weekend in Barcelona,

as revealed by


and the journalist Laura Fa in

'Sálvame Lemon tea'


The King's sister traveled from Geneva with her daughter Irene, who is enjoying a week of school holidays, to Barcelona, ​​while her still husband did the same from Vitoria.

According to Laura Fa Cristina and Iñaki

"they saw each other and were talking"


visiting their son Pablo.

The two arrived on Friday and met on Saturday.


to Hello!

, she settled in the Pedralbes area while

Urdangarin stayed at the house of her sister Ana

De Ella.

The meeting took place three weeks after they met in Geneva and shows that the relationship between them, after the announcement of the separation, is not dynamited and that they could be meditating on

the future of their marriage


According to the

Save me collaborator,

the former Duke of Palma wants to return to his wife and has left behind his relationship with Ainhoa ​​Armentia, who uncovered



The Infanta Cristina had not seen her son Pablo, who has acted as a spokesperson for the family after the


broke out , and has taken advantage

of Irene's vacation

to visit him.

Pablo had just returned from Segovia, where he played a match with his Barça handball team, which was attended by his older brother, Juan.

Urdangarin was also with his son Pablo at the gates of the Masía del Barça a few hours before a decisive match.

The Infanta's trip to Barcelona took place a few days after she flew to Abu Dhabi to see her father, King Juan Carlos, to receive advice, support and comfort in the face of the situation she is experiencing.

Cristina was caught waiting at the boarding gate for her flight back home, during a stopover in


, images that were published by



If the breakdown of the marriage is definitive or if the relationship between them resumes, time will tell, but both the Infanta and the former Duke of Palma seem to

maintain a good relationship

at least for the good of their four children.

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