In Hong Kong, the infection of the new coronavirus has spread rapidly despite strict regulatory measures, and the number of infected people per day is reaching a record high every day.

Under these circumstances, the Chinese government, which continues its "zero corona" policy that does not allow even the slightest spread of infection, is strengthening its involvement in infection control in Hong Kong by dispatching inspection personnel.

In Hong Kong, the infection of the new coronavirus, which had been suppressed until the end of last year, has spread rapidly, and since the beginning of this month after the Chinese New Year holidays, it has reached a record high every day.

The Hong Kong government has taken strict measures such as banning gatherings of three or more people and eating out at night, but according to hygiene authorities, more than 1,600 newly confirmed infected people were confirmed on the 15th.

The Chinese government, which continues its "zero corona" policy in response to this situation, will discuss with Hong Kong government officials in Guangdong Province, which is adjacent to Hong Kong, on the 12th of this month, dispatch personnel for inspection from the Chinese side, and build an isolation facility. We have announced measures to leverage such as cooperation with Hong Kong.

According to the state-owned China Central Television, a large-scale inspection facility established in the gymnasium on the outskirts of Hong Kong with the cooperation of the Chinese side will start operation from the 15th, and it will be possible to inspect 300,000 times a day.

In this regard, Hong Kong's chief executive, Carrie Lam, emphasized that he would continue the "zero corona" policy in line with the Chinese government's policy at the meeting on the 15th, and it is expected that severe measures will be taken for a long time.