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Electricity, gas or both: ENGIE offers ultra-fast subscription in the event of a move.

ENGIE: the 3 strengths of the contract

To ensure that gas and/or electricity will be there when you put your bags in your new accommodation, ENGIE offers a subscription in the event of a move.

The contracts of this reference energy supplier on the market also show 3 major advantages:

  • ENGIE is the leader in green electricity and the leading supplier of natural gas in France to individuals;

  • Energy consumption is optimized thanks to precise and free monitoring via the Ma conso service.

    This makes it possible to achieve an average of 7.7% energy savings over one year.

  • Subscribing to My Program for Action allows you to get involved in the energy transition and to benefit from a special KiloActs counter.

    Advice articles, consumption monitoring, participation in quizzes and challenges: each eco-gesture earns KiloActs.

    The latter then make it possible to finance actions in favor of the environment.

Take advantage of the ENGIE offer

Moving: how to change contract in 5 minutes?

Taking care of your energy contract changes during a move with ENGIE is very simple.

All you have to do is bring your bank details and fill out the form with the new address.

Registration is finalized in 5 minutes and the new ENGIE contract can be sent by email or by post: the customer has the choice of opting for a 100% digital or paper option.

Take advantage of the ENGIE offer

A simulator to estimate future consumption

ENGIE plays the transparency card and offers a simulator to easily estimate your monthly energy budget.

A few questions concerning consumption habits thus make it possible to obtain an estimate of the monthly payments and to choose the most suitable type of contract.

The information requested is as follows:

  • Number of people occupying the accommodation;

  • Subscription to a green electricity and/or natural gas contract;

  • Type of accommodation concerned (house or apartment);

  • New address ;

  • Main or secondary residence;

  • Housing area;

  • Year of construction of the dwelling;

  • Uses of natural gas and/or electricity (heating, cooking, hot water);

  • Subscription to the peak hours / off-peak hours option

  • Housing household equipment

You can then subscribe to the Elec Reference 2-year contract for electricity.

For electricity and/or gas, it only takes 5 minutes to subscribe to the new ENGIE contract.

The energy supplier then activates the contract in the new accommodation with the Enedis and/or GRDF distributors.

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