China News Service, February 15. According to the US "Chicago Chinese Forum", on February 13, local time, a parade to celebrate the Chinese New Year was held in Chicago's Chinatown.

  Although the temperature was very low that day, it still attracted a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists and residents to watch, and many institutions and societies such as the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago, the Greater Chicago Chinese Association and the Guangzhou Association decorated or held "Bingdun Dun" and "Bing Dun Dun". The mascot of "Xue Rongrong" and the placard congratulating the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics were particularly eye-catching and welcomed.

Zheng Zheng, chairman of the Hualian Association, said that publicizing and celebrating the Beijing Winter Olympics is one of the most important themes of this year's parade, and it is also a new climax of another wave of Chinese people praising the Olympics.

  In fact, during this period of time, Chinese in the Midwest of the United States have continued to discuss and pay attention to the Beijing Winter Olympics, whether it is in the office, gym, school or social media, or in the recent Spring Festival Parade held in North and South Chinatown, in the winter During the whole process of preparations for the Olympic Games, the opening to the present and the fierce competition, everyone's mood seems to be flying to Beijing, to the relevant activities and the competition site.

Eager anticipation, intense pursuit, excitement and joy are intertwined, and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics seems to have set off a "boom" of ice and snow in the freezing and snow-capped Chicago and Midwest regions.

  Wang Xingwu, chairman of the Greater Chicago Chinese Association, has been following the progress of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

He said two pieces of news touched him deeply.

First, after the mixed doubles curling competition, the Chinese athletes presented the American athlete Bing Dun Dun with badge gifts, and the American athletes also returned their badge gifts.

Seeing the four Chinese and American athletes smiling so sincerely in the group photo, so naturally, a warm feeling poured out of his heart.

Another news is that the American athletes were warmly and politely received by the volunteers, which moved the American athletes very much. The two young people became good friends, exchanged letters, congratulated and encouraged each other.

  Liu Yingbin, an old overseas Chinese, has lived in the United States for nearly 30 years and has long served as a volunteer and leadership position in some societies.

He said that the holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics showed the Chinese people's spirit of solidarity and struggle to accomplish the great cause.

As a Chinese, we are proud of the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and we must carry forward the Olympic spirit, contribute to the healthy and stable development of China-US relations, and the well-being of the Chinese and American people.

  Mulan, a student at the University of Illinois, recently voluntarily produced a video for the American-China Cultural and Art Center in Chicago, "The Exhibition of Painting and Calligraphy for the New Year and the Winter Olympics and the Cloud Exhibition of the Winter Olympics Stamp Collection". Athletes cheered and expressed their good wishes for the new year.

This video won the first prize of the "Welcome the Chinese New Year, Celebrate the Winter Olympics, Let's Hi Everyone" campaign launched by the Chinese embassy and consulate in the United States.

Mulan said that her hometown is Beijing, which is also the first city with two Olympics in history.

The overseas Chinese at home and abroad should join hands with the people of their ancestral countries to witness the victory and glory of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  Ms. Deng Qing, chairman of the Minnesota US-China New Arts and Cultural Exchange Association, recalled the "Twin Cities Dumpling Banquet" that was successfully held by the association not long ago - the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger and the Beijing Winter Olympics Celebration Reception.

In his congratulatory letter, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said: "It is an exciting time for the 2022 Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing, China. I sincerely wish the athletes of China and the United States to be in the Beijing Winter Olympics. Excellent results!" said Representative Dean Phillips of Mingzhou, "From the dazzling fireworks in Beijing, to the Mingzhou 'Twin Cities Dumpling Banquet', we are with you to celebrate the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Chinese Tigers. The arrival of the new year.”

  Dr. Li Rongshun, the principal of Fenghua Chinese School in Greater Chicago, said that the teachers and students of the school and the local Chinese community have paid special attention to and often watched the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in recent days.

The students also had a heated discussion. Many students were infected by the athletes' spirit of "transcending themselves" and expressed that they should learn from the athletes and strive to create new achievements.

Li Rongshun said, "Watching the Beijing Winter Olympics program is very eye-opening and insightful. It is exciting and exciting to see the challenge to the limit of human athletic ability. Athletes' love for competitive events and their fearless spirit are an example for us to learn from. . We salute them on the other side of the ocean!" (David Zhang)