It has been six months since the Islamist Taliban regained power in Afghanistan in 15 days.

To date, no country in the international community has approved the Taliban's interim government, and citizens are increasingly dissatisfied with the serious food shortages and deteriorating security.

In Afghanistan, six months ago, on August 15, last year, the Taliban conquered the capital Kabul and launched a provisional government, but the international community called on the Taliban to improve the human rights situation, and no country has approved the provisional government so far. There is none.

The United Nations has asked each country to contribute a total of about 500 billion yen in Japanese yen to support Afghanistan, but it is expressing a sense of crisis that only 9% of the total is currently gathered.

In addition to the stagnation of international support, the freezing of foreign assets in Afghanistan continues, and the economy continues to deteriorate, and humanitarian crises such as food shortages are deepening.

In addition, the deterioration of public security is also serious, and the regional organization of the radical organization IS = Islamic State, which is in opposition to the Taliban, is repeating terrorism.

In addition, more than 100 people, including officials and soldiers from the previous administration, have been killed in the last six months, most of whom are suspected of retaliation by the Taliban, and citizens are dissatisfied with the uncertain rule of the Taliban. I am strengthening.

International support stagnation Deepens humanitarian crisis

In Afghanistan, the reinstatement of the Taliban has stalled international assistance and deepened humanitarian crises such as food assistance.

At the press conference on the 9th, the United Nations asked each country to contribute a total of about 500 billion yen in Japanese yen to urgently support 22 million people, but it is said that only 9% of the total is currently gathered. I made a feeling.

In addition, the Byden administration in the United States has indicated that it will allocate approximately 400 billion yen of the assets of the Afghanistan Central Bank, which is frozen in the United States, to local humanitarian assistance, but the Tullivan side said, "Our I'm trying to use my assets without permission, "and it's unclear whether it can be implemented promptly.

While Western countries avoid the Taliban and provide support through the United Nations, Pakistan and China, which are said to be close to the Taliban, are the first to send relief supplies to the local area.

In the capital Kabul, on January 30, the Taliban directly distributed relief supplies such as ▼ Chinese wheat and ▼ Turkish sugar to the citizens.

The man who received it said, "Thanks to the Taliban, we can receive support. The supplies come from the international community, but without them we would starve to death."

A person in charge at the site told NHK that "we have prepared food for about 300 households. Support from each country guarantees that it is properly delivered to the people who need it," further to the international community. I asked for help.

Suspicion of murder in retaliation by Taliban Bereaved family fierce anger

UNAMA = (Yunama) According to a report compiled by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan in February, more than 100 people have been killed in Afghanistan in the six months since the Taliban's reinstatement, most of them suspected of retaliation by the Taliban. It means that there is.

The Taliban's interim government has been angry among the bereaved families, as it has stated that it will not retaliate against former government officials and soldiers.

Guruwari, 22, who worked at a general store near the capital Kabul, was taken to the Taliban, who came to his home on the 7th, and was killed shortly thereafter.

Guruwari is believed to have been murdered in retaliation because he worked as a police officer and had been hostile to the Taliban before the Taliban reinstated.

"My younger brother was summoned by the Taliban, tied up behind him, and taken away. Taliban shot the first shot at his younger brother who tried to escape, injuring him, and when he fell down, two shots in his chest. I fired my eyes. They killed my innocent younger brother. "

The footage obtained by NHK shows a large number of citizens gathering at the scene protesting that the Taliban had killed them.

Two days later, his father, Shawari, who attended a gathering in memory of Mr. Guruwari, said with a sad look, "The Taliban who killed his son should be judged fairly."