The fair offers its visitors wholesale options at affordable prices

Quick lunch at Expo Dubai.. Flavors from around the world

  • The exhibition accompanies its visitors on a journey between various dishes from everywhere.

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Expo 2020 Dubai provides its visitors who wish to have lunch to recharge their energy and continue their journey around it, with endless options at affordable prices, in order to enjoy dishes from everywhere, which can be eaten "on the fly".

Here are five different options, you can choose from.

The secret from the "Kingdom"

The fast-food chain of Al-Baik restaurants, founded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is very popular, and Expo 2020 Dubai offers its visitors the opportunity to discover the secret of all this popularity.

This restaurant specializes in fried chicken, but its menu is also suitable for fish eaters and vegetarians, as it includes fried shrimp and falafel.

Pakistani dishes

For visitors to "Expo 2020 Dubai" looking for a restaurant that offers lunch at affordable prices, "Rawi", one of Dubai's favorite restaurants, serves the most delicious Pakistani dishes.

The menu includes grilled chicken tikka and lentil dal (dal).

For a full and satisfying lunch, one can choose one of the delicious biryani dishes. The meal consists of rice cooked over a low heat with spices and vegetables, with chicken or meat.

Indian samosa

Expo 2020 Dubai will host three arenas dedicated to food trucks, distributed over the three main areas: Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.

Visitors can head to the Sustainability Zone and savor the latest Indian food at Project Chaiwala, and choose from a menu brimming with cheap snacks.

Fans of chaat - a popular Indian salad that combines a variety of sweet, spicy, aromatic, tender and crunchy ingredients in one dish - can try samosa, a dish more widely known in the region as samosa.

Palestinian thyme

"Mamayesh", which serves Palestinian popular food, has a wide base of lovers in Dubai, and a special branch in the Palestine pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

It's the perfect place to sample Palestinian thyme, where you can buy a pie covered with melted cheese and the fragrant mixture of thyme.

african taste

For those looking to make the most of their time exploring without taking long breaks, the sausage stall in the African food court “Kibulan”, in the Knights Garden, is the perfect solution.

The kiosk offers a choice of chicken or beef sausages, with any three traditional toppings such as mustard or mayonnaise, or innovative toppings such as Jerk BBQ sauce, peri-peri mayonnaise, or peanut ketchup.