"Hitaki" travels from Japan to the UAE for the third time to complete its tours of the exhibition

How sweet it is to return to him .. “The Green Man” at “Expo Dubai” again

  • A Japanese pensioner in front of Al Wasl Dome during his third trip from Tokyo to Dubai.

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For the third time in four months, the Japanese visitor, Hitaki Pistachio, who wears the famous green outfit, continues his passion for "Expo 2020 Dubai", by traveling from his country to the Emirates, to explore the entire pavilions of the 192 countries that meet under the dome of the Dubai World Fair, and to complete the task as he described it, In collecting the largest number of medals and emblems of the pavilions of the participating countries, before attending his country's exhibition "Expo Osaka 2025".

Pistachio told "Emirates Today": "The state of fascination that I touched while attending the opening ceremony on September 30, last year, prompted me to return again from Tokyo to Dubai on a second trip in less than a month, but the magnitude of the global event, which includes under its dome the wings of 192 countries. And my inability to visit all destinations was behind my decision, with the entry of 2022, to go on a third trip to (Expo 2020), with which I have a strong relationship, and in my repeated visit I succeeded in forming strong friendships.”

He explained, "I was keen to schedule my first foreign trip to Dubai after my retirement age, to coincide with the launch of (Expo 2020 Dubai), so my curiosity in knowing what this exhibition offers made me return for a second visit in October, but the time was not enough on the two trips. To visit the entire pavilion of the exhibition, and learn about its cultural heritage and scientific progress, which prompted me to return to Dubai for a third time.”

He added: "The limitation of the first vacation, which lasted for a week, and the second vacation, which was limited to 20 days, and began on October 29, and the inability, despite my daily visit to (Expo 2020) to visit all destinations, was behind the planning of a third vacation to the Dubai exhibition, and the trouble The 11-hour journey.

The Japanese visitor continued, "My relationship with (Expo 2020) dates back to 2015, when I had the opportunity to go to (Expo Milan) and get acquainted closely with the Emirati cultural heritage, which motivated me to come to Dubai and visit its international exhibition, after the wide reputation that Its launch, as the largest and most comprehensive, preceded the history of international exhibitions.

Since his arrival in Dubai, the "green Japanese man" has been keen to make daily visits to the "Expo", to continue getting to know the pavilions of the participating countries, and to attend the largest number of cultural events, especially with regard to food and restaurants, because his original profession is a specialized "chef". In “Sochi”, in addition to setting the goal of collecting the largest number of medals for the pavilions of the participating countries, he said: “I am looking forward to collecting the largest number of decorations, before returning to Japan, with the ambition of returning again to visit the exhibitions (Expo) and appear in the corridors of (Osaka 2025). )».

He continued, "Another aspect that attracted me in (Expo 2020) is the rich food diversity offered by the Dubai exhibition, through the abundance of chef schools and restaurants, especially those belonging to Arab countries, such as the delicious Lebanese cuisine, and popular meals in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, and others."

clothes story

The Japanese visitor, Hitaki Pistachio, confirmed that "the green uniform he wears has become popular in the corridors of (Expo 2020 Dubai), as he succeeded, over the course of the three visits to Dubai, in forming strong friendships from different countries," adding: "My constant desire to wear the green uniform." It represents a call to preserve food wealth and a sustainable environment, in light of the challenges the world is facing as a result of global warming and high rates of environmental pollution.”

Hitaki Pistachio:

• "I am looking forward to collecting the largest number of decorations, before returning to Japan, with the ambition of returning again to visit (Expo) exhibitions, and appearing in the corridors of (Osaka 2025)."

• Last October 29, the visitor came for the second time in the exhibition to complete his circumambulation, when he returned, finally, for the third time.

• Last September 30, was the first visit to Hitaki Pistachio, coinciding with the launch of the global event.