Global warming: the stakes "have never been so high", warns the IPCC

Hoesung Lee, the head of the IPCC.


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The review by 195 countries of the second part of the sixth scientific report of the IPCC, the UN climate expert group, began on Monday.

A first part of this report was published last August and was devoted to temperature increase forecasts.

This second part looks at the impacts of global warming and the necessary adaptation of our lifestyles.


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The stakes “

have never been higher


It is with these words that the President of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Hoesung Lee, introduced this new negotiation session on Monday, February 14 during a

brief online session

opening two weeks of negotiations. in camera.

How to adapt?

Last year, UN climate experts warned that temperatures would reach the threshold of an additional 1.5 degrees by 2030,

ten years earlier than initially expected


After more than a century and a half of economic development based on fossil fuels – coal, oil or even gas – the world has warmed around 1.1°C compared to the pre-industrial era.

In fact, climate change is already affecting the planet.

Disasters are on the increase – heat waves, droughts, storms or devastating floods – and affect all continents.

So what are the impacts and how can we adapt?

This is the whole subject of this new scientific report of thousands of pages which describes the consequences of climate change on health, food security, water shortages, population displacements or the destruction of ecosystems.

Deep transformations

The approximately 300 researchers who contributed to the text demonstrate that life as we know it will inevitably be transformed in the short term.

They also emphasize possible solutions to prepare for these impacts.

UN member countries now have a week to agree on a summary for policymakers, with a final text to be released on February 28. 

The examination of a third part of this report is scheduled for April.

It will be dedicated to solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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