China News Service, February 14. According to the news of the "Europe Times" WeChat public account "East to West", on February 12, local time, the French Chinese Economic and Trade Association held the Beijing Winter Olympics at the Paris Dynasty Hotel to welcome the Year of the Tiger. During the Spring Festival activities, we wish the Chinese compatriots New Year's greetings and wish the Winter Olympics a complete success.

Some overseas Chinese leaders of the overseas Chinese community in France were also invited to attend the event.

  Lin Dongzhou, president of the French Chinese Economic and Trade Association, on behalf of the presidency, wished everyone New Year's greetings.

He said that despite the repeated epidemics last year, everyone actively did a good job in conference affairs while preventing and fighting the epidemic, and achieved a lot of results.

The association held a re-election ceremony, and participated in the "Love in Zhejiang, Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes" activities and the "Spring Festival in Zhejiang, Love in Zhejiang" activities held by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Zhejiang Province and the Federation of Overseas Chinese.

As the Beijing Winter Olympics are about to open, everyone still recorded a video next to the Arc de Triomphe to wish the Winter Olympics.

Everyone also actively participated in the activities held by the overseas Chinese community, and set up Chinese commemorative plaques in the central area of ​​Paris and other activities, which further improved the reputation and cohesion of the association, and showed the good image and development prospects of the association.

  Lin Dongzhou pointed out that the new year is still a year full of opportunities and challenges.

The new crown epidemic has improved, but it has not subsided, adding unknowns to the development of all aspects.

Everyone should assess the situation and continue to give full play to the advantages of Chinese culture and their own characteristics while doing a good job in epidemic prevention.

Moreover, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the development policy of France, but also to the development direction of China, to improve the ability of entrepreneurship and innovation, and to continuously improve the competitiveness and influence.

  The Beijing Winter Olympics are in full swing. Lin Dongzhou said that the Winter Olympics have attracted everyone's attention, and the performance of athletes has become a hot topic at present.

The association once again offered its best wishes to the Beijing Winter Olympics.

It is hoped that the Olympic spirit can inspire the world to go through the cold winter of the epidemic and usher in a spring full of hope.