A telephone conversation was held between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin over the ongoing tension in Ukraine.

As the gap between Russia and the United States, which calls for NATO not to further expand the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is not being closed, President Putin has revealed that he will show future measures soon, and the content is likely to be the focus.

The telephone conversation between President Biden of the United States and President Vladimir Putin of Russia took place for about an hour after the 12th (1 am on the 13th of Japan time).

According to the White House in the United States, President Biden strongly warned at the meeting that if Russia invaded Ukraine, it would impose a severe price on Russia with his allies and others.

After the meeting, a senior Biden administration official warned that "it is quite possible that Russia will make the decision to pursue military action."

In response, Ushakov, an aide to the Russian Presidential Administration, complained that "important factors for Russia, such as the further expansion of NATO, have not been taken into consideration."

And Putin said he would carefully examine the security views of the United States and show a response soon.

Regarding the situation in Ukraine, Russian troops are continuing joint military exercises in Belarus, which borders northern Ukraine, and from the 12th, more than 30 Russian Navy vessels will participate in the Black Sea facing southern Ukraine. We have started new exercises and are further increasing the pressure.

President Putin seems to be aiming to urge the Western side to make concessions while exerting military pressure, and the content of the response to show it close to the United States etc. is likely to be the immediate focus.