February 2019:

  • A judgment in the Court of Appeal gives Södertälje municipality the right to refuse housing assistance to persons who cannot present a sublease contract approved by the landlord.

April 2019:

  • In an interview with UNT, Ida Bylund Lindman, head of department at the social services, says: "We do not believe that the way Södertälje works is legal."

November 2019:

  • Despite objections and previous statements, the Labor Board instructs the administration to start refusing financial assistance to households that cannot show approval by the landlord or housing association.

    Chairman Mohamad Hassan (L) is the driving force.

July 2020-November 2021:

  • At least ten rejections are appealed to the administrative court, where the municipality loses eight times.

    Of these, five are appealed, of which the municipality wins in three and loses in two cases.

    Another case that the municipality lost in the administrative court does not want to be taken up by the appellate court and the municipality appeals to the Supreme Administrative Court.

    Mohamad Hassan tells the newspaper Hem & Hyra that if the decision does not hold up legally in HFD, he wants to push the issue politically to get a change in the law.

    Shortly after the statement, the message comes that HFD denies leave to appeal and thus gives the tenant the right.

November 2021:

  • At least 72 households have now been denied assistance, of which at least 26 are families with children.