The Japanese company, "Lexus", launched the fourth generation of its "Lexus LX" cars in a new form, in 3 different classes from the previous one, and with small engines powered by the turbo system, under the name "Lexus LX 600".

The car comes with a new "6 cylinder" (V6) engine with two turbocharged engines with a capacity of 3.5 liters, and generates 409 horsepower and 649 Newton meters of torque, which is a significant increase of 26 horsepower and 103 Newton meters compared to the previous "8 cylinder" engine with a capacity of 5.7 liters. .

The fourth generation of the "Lexus LX 600" (social networking sites)

Lexus LX 600 "VIP"

The Lexus LX 600 VIP class has a more powerful and luxurious exterior design with a 7-line horizontal grille to improve engine cooling and turbo engines that were introduced to the car for the first time, and the front end has smaller lamps than in the previous model, and daytime running lights Three-dimensionality, and small fog lamps under the front bumper.

The VIP category comes with a horizontal front grille of 7 lines (social networking sites)

As for the interior, the "Lexus LX 600" VIP class is a masterpiece, as it came with a more modern cabin design, with luxurious leather and wood, and seats for only 4 passengers with high comfort, as the passenger seats come in the middle of the car separate and can only accommodate two people. With the availability of an advanced entertainment system between them that includes a screen, a wireless charger, and multiple storage places, the passenger in the right rear can fold the front seat to get the largest legroom.

Lexus LX 600 sports car

The sports category comes with a front grille in the form of triangles (social networking sites)

The exterior appearance of the Lexus LX 600 sports class differs from the previous class in terms of the front grille, which comes in the form of more modern triangles surrounded by black chrome, and the interior design of the car differs, as it comes with leather sports seats for 7 passengers, and a leather-covered steering wheel with a console. Controllers for improved handling and stability, plus an exclusive limited-slip variable suspension system to improve performance.

Notable Lexus LX 600 updates

The Lexus LX600 engine is connected to a new 10-speed automatic transmission, which enhances the quietness of the engine, and thanks to its 200 kg reduction in weight compared to the previous model, aluminum doors and an all-new platform, the new Lexus will witness a significant improvement in fuel consumption, according to the company’s experts. It is 20% stiffer than the previous model.

The car also received comprehensive upgrades that enhance its dynamics and performance on the roads, as the brake and suspension systems in the car were changed to become electric and more adapted to off-road driving, and improve stability and driving comfort.

According to Lexus, the Lexus LX 600 can climb slopes at a 45-degree angle and wade into the water with a depth of 700 mm. It also contains an advanced multi-terrain system with different driving modes of up to 6 modes, and the car has a terrain monitoring system that uses 4 cameras. Front, side and rear to show the car's surroundings.

Lexus provided its new car with two screens measuring 7 and 12.3 inches (social networking sites)

As for the audio system in the "Lexus LX 600", the Japanese company says that its car features a Mark Levinson audio system with 25 speakers, two screens measuring 7 and 12.3 inches, and the largest screen focuses on the camera display and audio settings, and there is a car start button integrated with a fingerprint, While the smaller screen is used to control the air conditioning system and car information, while the entertainment system comes with voice assistant, user profiles and support for cloud services, and it also features a digital instrument screen.

The price of the Lexus LX 600 starts at 465,000 Saudi riyals, which is equivalent to 124,000 US dollars and 2 million Egyptian pounds.

Old model Lexus LX

The 2021 model of "Lexus LX" is not fundamentally different from the new look, but the change was made in the engine, as the old Lexus came with an 8-cylinder engine with a capacity of 5700 cc, generating 383 horsepower and 546 Newton meters of torque, with a dual fuel tank capacity of 138 liters. .

The Lexus LX came standard with two rows and 5 seats, but it is also available in 3 rows and 8 seats, and the interior design feels luxurious, and flexible leather and wonderful wood accents can be obtained.

It carries a standard 12.3-inch screen, a navigation system, a 9-speaker high-quality audio system, supports Bluetooth, and multiple USB ports, in addition to the Amazon Alexa personal assistant.

The 2021 model of "Lexus LX" does not differ from the new look except from the back (social networking sites)

The old Lexus LX 570 model came with available infotainment features, wireless charging for smartphones, a rear-seat entertainment system, additional standard features, automatic climate control for each seat separately, a home-style power outlet, and a rear-view mirror with a feature. Dimming lighting, sunroof, keyless entry, refrigerator between the driver's seat and the front passenger seat.

The 2021 Lexus LX has a 12.3-inch infotainment system screen, 11.6-inch screens for the rear seats, a Mark Levinson audio system, and a remote engine start system. Wireless headphones, the Lexus LX also comes with a cooler box to keep drinks cold.

The price of the "Lexus LX 2021" starts from 485,990 Saudi riyals, which is equivalent to 129.5 thousand US dollars, and 2 million Egyptian pounds.

Generations of "Lexus LX"

The first generation of the "Lexus LX" appeared in 1996, which bore the name "LX 470", and its design is not different from the Land Cruiser, but it is superior to it with a suspension system, and an engine that generates 212 horsepower.

The second generation of the "Lexus LX" came in 1998 and lasted until 2007, and bears the same name as the previous generation "LX 470". The design does not carry many changes compared to the first generation, but the changes came in the car's 8-cylinder engine, and generates power 270 horsepower, and the car was a distinguished level of performance until it was named Car of the Year in the United States in the years 2000, 2002 and 2004.

The "Lexus LX" has 4 generations since its launch (Al-Jazeera)

The third generation of "Lexus LX" appeared in 2008 and came with a 5600 cc engine that generates 385 horsepower, and the updated version of this generation came in 2014 with a special engine called "Supercharger" that came to a 6200 cc engine. It produces 450 horsepower.

The third generation also received another upgrade in 2016 that continued until 2021, and came in 3 categories, the larger version of which carries a 5700 cc engine that generates 362 horsepower, and an 8-speed automatic transmission.