Yasmina Kattou 08:23, February 13, 2022

On February 15, between 4 and 5 million French people, according to the Ministry of Health, will have their vaccine pass deactivated if they have not taken their third dose of vaccine.

How do I reactivate my pass?

Does contracting the coronavirus involve doing the booster dose?

Under what conditions can it be extended?

We take stock.

To start with the most classic case, you have never had the Covid and you have two doses of vaccine.

To keep a valid vaccination pass, you must do your booster maximum four months after your last dose.

If you have contracted Covid-19 after your two doses of the vaccine, there is no need for a booster.

From now on, an infection is equivalent to an injection.

Just import your recovery certificate into All AntiCovid.

A period of seven days of acualisation

Then there are those who had Covid, got vaccinated, and then couldn't resist the Omicron wave.

The last infection counts as a booster dose.

So you don't need to make a new vaccine.

On the other hand, if you have had the Covid three times, it happens.

You must take at least one dose to be able to benefit from the vaccination pass. 

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Why at least one dose?

Scientists agree that the best protection is achieved through injection-associated infection.

If you decide to get vaccinated today, you will have to wait seven days for the dose to be counted and updated in All AntiCovid.