Wings celebrate "Valentine" with flowers, stories and food

Roses scatter messages of love at Expo Dubai

  • Philip and Celine enjoy a romantic vacation at the Dubai Expo.

    Photography: Osama Abu Ghanem


Early, and with activities scattering red flowers, yesterday, many pavilions at "Expo 2020 Dubai" celebrated "Valentine", and a large number of visitors to the World Exhibition, yesterday, were keen not to miss the occasion, especially since Sunday is a holiday, and it was crowded with large numbers of people. guests.

For his part, Chef Kim Kevin de Dodd prepared a menu of distinguished foods centered on the theme of roses in the Luxembourg Pavilion, and witnessed a remarkable turnout, yesterday, to witness the preparations made by the pavilion, as he prepared tables in an aesthetic way to match the "Valentine's".

For their part, the couple Philip and Celine (from Luxembourg) confirmed to "Emirates Today" that they did not find a better place than the "Dubai Expo" to celebrate this beautiful romantic occasion, noting that they decided to visit the global event three consecutive days before returning to Luxembourg, after an enjoyable vacation. In Dubai, as they described.

Philip explained that he and his wife, Celine, visited Dubai for the first time.

He said: "(Expo 2020) played a key role in our decision to choose Dubai to live exceptional moments coinciding with Valentine's Day, as we are visiting the city for the first time, after planning for that matter for a long time, but the UAE's hosting of the global event contributed to the speed of decision-making at last, While our choice of days in Dubai was to be our last day in the city on February 14, before our return to Luxembourg.”

He added, "The city's frankness is very impressive, and I think we will come again more than once in the coming years, as everything here is very organized, and the buildings, streets and infrastructure attracted us wonderfully."

Philip continued, "Our main goal in our trip to Dubai is to visit the World Expo, so we decided to visit it for three consecutive days, the last of which is the day that coincides with Valentine's Day, so that the conclusion would be held for us, before returning to our country."

For his part, Kenya's pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai announced the distribution of roses on the occasion of Valentine's Day today, as this African country is one of the four largest countries in the world in terms of rose production and export to 60 destinations around the world.

Kenya intends to distribute 250,000 roses to visitors, staff and participants of the fair throughout the day throughout the world fair.

The Kenya Pavilion also presents the story of Subira, a Kenyan girl from Lamu who fought for her dream of swimming in the ocean defying local customs, through a special performance at Tira Amphitheater to celebrate her inspiring 'Day of Love' story.

• At the Luxembourg Pavilion, Chef Kim Kevin de Dodd prepared a menu of specialties, centered on the rose theme.

• 250 thousand roses presented by the Kenya Pavilion to the visitors, employees and participants of the exhibition today.

Pioneering Ideas

The visitor, Philip, considered that what "Expo 2020 Dubai" offers is wonderful, and more than what he and his wife, Celine imagined, as they chose to celebrate the occasion of "Valentine", which falls on February 14, between the sides of the World Expo.

He said, "This is the first time we visit this event, and we are happy because we got the opportunity to combine visiting Dubai and at the same time getting to know the innovations offered by (Expo), through a set of pioneering ideas that shape the future of humanity in the coming years."

Philip and Celine:

• “We did not find a better place than (Expo Dubai) to celebrate this beautiful romantic occasion.”