The Republican official candidate, the largest opposition party, has held a large rally for the presidential election in France in April, expressing its determination to become the first female president.

In the presidential election in France in April, President Macron's candidacy seems certain, and about 10 right-wing and left-wing candidates have announced their candidacy.

Among them, Mr. Pecres, the official candidate of the Republican Party, the largest opposition party, held the first large-scale rally in Paris on the 13th for the election, and about 7,000 people participated.

At the rally, Mr. Pécrès appealed for the tightening of regulations on illegal immigrants as a pledge, saying, "German Chancellor Angela Merkel and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher have always protected the people and their interests. I am also the president. I will protect you as a result, "he said, expressing his determination to become the first female president of France.

A 32-year-old man who participated said, "Economic, social and security measures have all gone wrong during President Macron's five-year term. I hope Mr. Pécrès will lead France in the right direction." rice field.

In the latest polls, President Macron remains at the top with 24%, with Far-right party Rupen at 15.5%, far-right critic Zemmour at 14.5%.

In the French presidential election, if there is no candidate to win the majority in the first vote, a final vote will be held between the top two people, and if Mr. Pecres advances to the final vote with President Macron, including the far right It is believed that the key is how to capture a wide range of people.