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  • Russia has deployed tens of thousands of troops to the Ukrainian border in recent weeks, and launched military exercises with Belarus.

    The Kremlin wants Ukraine to pledge never to join NATO.

  • Since Friday evening, the United States has been warning about the possibility of seeing Russia launch hostilities before the end of the Olympic Games.

    Statements that sparked a series of calls between Russian and Ukrainian leaders on Saturday accusing the Americans of causing panic and fueling tensions.

  • Several European countries have advised their citizens to leave Ukraine as a precaution, as the Russians continue their military maneuvers near the border.




Ukraine – Russia conflict: On the phone, Biden once again warns Putin of “severe and rapid repercussions”


Ukraine - Russia conflict: The United States fears "an invasion", the mystery of the table between Macron and Putin clarified

10:43 am: Washington denies the escape of its submarine

Russia announced yesterday that it had hunted an American submarine lying around in its Pacific waters.

“There is no truth in Russian claims regarding our operations in their territorial waters,” the US military denied.

“We fly, sail and operate safely in international waters,” said Captain Kyle Raines, spokesman for the US Indo-Pacific Command, declining to comment on the precise location of US submarines in the region. region.

Hello everyone !

Welcome to this Sunday live dedicated to the crisis in Ukraine.

Phone calls, troop movements, untimely declarations, we will keep you informed of everything!

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