The Saudi-led coalition in Yemen announced the launch of precision air strikes on military targets it described as legitimate in Sanaa.

The coalition said in a statement, "The militia's attempts to target civilians require a deterrent response to control its hostile behavior," as the statement described.

The coalition had announced the start of a "decisive military operation" in Sana'a in response to what it called the threats, calling on civilians not to approach the targeted sites.

The coalition accused the Ansar Allah group, the Houthis, of using these sites to launch drones, and said that it had carried out 16 raids in Saada and Hajjah as part of the response to the threats.

Houthi media had indicated that the coalition warplanes launched an air strike on the Al-Sabaha area in the Bani Matar district in the western countryside of Sanaa, while local sources reported two coalition raids on the Airport Street north of Sanaa, where the Higher Military Academy and the Republican Guard School are located.

Yemeni army forces in the vicinity of Haradh, Hajjah Governorate (Anatolia Agency)

Battles instigated

The developments of the Marib and Sanaa fronts are taking place, while confrontations are taking place on another front in the Haradh district, in Hajjah Governorate, northwest of the country. Yemeni military sources described them as violent between the army and the Houthis.

The sources said that coalition raids targeted Houthi sites and mechanisms, including an air defense system, in the area.

Military sources had reported that the Yemeni army had shot down a Houthi drone, while the Houthis launched several ballistic missiles that fell in separate areas of the district.

A Yemeni medical source in Ma'rib said that 3 siblings were killed when the remnants of a rocket-propelled grenade exploded in a residential area south of the city.

A local source revealed that the missile was fired by the Houthis during their shelling of the Harib crossroads weeks ago.

Yemeni government sources stated that at least 50 civilians were killed or wounded, including 10 children, as a result of Houthi shelling or the explosion of mines and shells on the roads in Ma'rib Governorate.