Regarding measures to suspend new entry of foreigners in principle as a measure against the border of Omicron stock, the government has raised the upper limit of the number of immigrants and the number of days to wait after entering the country, taking into account the opinion from the business community to review it. We are rushing to consider mitigation, such as shortening the number of items.

In principle, the government has suspended new entry of foreigners until the end of this month as a measure against the border of Omicron stocks.

In addition, after allowing Japanese to return to Japan, foreigners with status of residence, and some international students to enter the country, they will be asked to wait for 7 days at home, etc., and will be designated by the quarantine station depending on the infection status at the place of stay. We are taking steps to have the accommodation stay for 3 to 6 days.

However, since it is a strict measure even from a global perspective, it has a large impact on international business and exchanges, and there are voices from the business community and foreigners who wish to study abroad or technical intern training in Japan. It's up.

Based on these opinions, Prime Minister Kishida told reporters on the 12th, "I would like to review what the skeleton of border measures should be and consider the direction of mitigation." After comprehensively considering the accumulation of knowledge and changes in the infection situation inside and outside the country, we have clarified the policy to consider mitigation of border measures.

In the future, the government has decided to urgently consider raising the upper limit of the number of immigrants, which is set at about 3,500 per day, and shortening the number of days to wait at home or stay at accommodation facilities after entering Japan. increase.