Al-Jazeera correspondent in Libya quoted - on the authority of the media office of the Supreme Council of State - that it was decided to postpone a session that was scheduled today to listen to the program of Fathi Pashaga, who was chosen by the House of Representatives the day before yesterday, Thursday, as prime minister to succeed Abdel Hamid Dabaiba, while the latter rejected the council's decision, confirming his continuation in his position, Today, he said, what is happening in Parliament is "absurdity and fraud."

A member of the Supreme Council of State, Saleh Ajouda, said that the parliament had not taken any decision regarding entering with the House of Representatives the path of changing the government, "neither from afar nor from near."

Today, the "Libya Al-Ahrar" channel quoted a member of the "Higher of the State" and its spokesman, Musa Faraj, who spoke about a session that was dedicated to discussing the latest statement issued by the House of Representatives regarding the formation of the new government, and the adoption of the constitutional amendment.

Dabaiba said today that "what is happening under the dome of Parliament is absurd" and an attempt to "impose decisions by fraud, rather by forgery," and added, "When the state legislative institution loses integrity, chaos reigns in it, and decisions are issued without a quorum, and sessions are passed through screaming, shouting and fabrication, what will be its reflection in Society: Gentlemen, they are responsible for all this blood, wars and chaos.

Election plan

Dabaiba pledged to announce, on February 17, a plan to conduct the electoral process in the country next June.

And he had stated yesterday that he is still practicing his work according to the 18-month period specified by the agreed roadmap, and that his government will only hand over power to an elected party. The competence to change the head of government in accordance with the recent political agreement.

For his part, Mohamed Hammouda, spokesman for the Dabaiba government, said - in a post on his Facebook page - that the government continues to perform its work as usual, and that rumors about the resignation of some ministers are not true.

The Martyrs' Square in the center of the capital, Tripoli, witnessed a demonstration yesterday that demanded the overthrow of the House of Representatives, and expressed its refusal to extend the transitional phase and disrupt the holding of parliamentary and presidential elections.

Also yesterday, a statement by notables, wise men and leaders of the city of Misurata (east of the capital) said that the decision of the House of Representatives in Tobruk to form a parallel government "empowers the putschists in the country" and called for the implementation of the provisions of the road map, which requires that the elections be held on time.

Al-Dabaiba: What happened in the House of Representatives is an attempt to impose decisions by vote but by forgery (Anatolia)

Term Expiry

On the other hand, Parliament Speaker Aguila Saleh had stated a few days ago that the term of the Dabaiba government ended with the postponement of the presidential elections, which were scheduled to take place on December 24 last, but that differences between political forces and state agencies over how to conduct the elections led to the collapse of the process a few days ago. from the polling date.

The Prime Minister (Bashaga) said yesterday - in a press conference in Tripoli - that he trusts "the Dabaiba government's respect for democratic principles and the peaceful transfer of power."

United nations

Meanwhile, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called yesterday on the Libyan parties to maintain the stability of their country, this came in a statement issued by his spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, a day after the House of Representatives announced the selection of Bashagha as prime minister.

Guterres' statement did not mention the names of the transitional prime minister (Dabaiba) and the prime minister appointed Thursday (Baghasha).

He also did not repeat what his spokesman said Thursday that the United Nations continues to support Dabaiba as a transitional prime minister charged with running the country's affairs.

On the other hand, the US embassy in Libya said yesterday in a tweet that Washington supports the call of the UN Secretary-General regarding consensus, stability and elections in this country.