The Baiden administration in the United States has announced that it will allocate approximately 400 billion yen of the assets of the Central Bank of Afghanistan, which has been frozen in the United States since the reinstatement of the Islamic power Tullivan in Afghanistan, to humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan. did.

President Byden announced on the 11th that Afghanistan's central bank's foreign assets, which are in financial institutions in the United States, will be transferred to the New York Federal Reserve Bank in response to the widespread humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Signed.

The assets have been frozen since the Islamist Taliban reinstated in Afghanistan, and according to senior officials of the Byden administration, a total of 7 billion dollars, about 400 billion yen, which is half of about 800 billion yen in Japanese yen, is in Afghanistan. It means that it will be used for humanitarian assistance.

By establishing a fund within the next few months, we will consider what kind of support we will devote to it.

In addition, the Biden administration has left the remaining assets of about 400 billion yen as compensation because the bereaved family of the victims of the 2001 terrorist attacks have filed a lawsuit against the Taliban. It shows the idea to keep.

Taliban criticizes America "stolen frozen assets"

Regarding this, Mr. Naim, who is in charge of reporting at the Islamist Taliban, told Twitter on the 11th, "The United States steals Afghanistan's frozen assets and uses it arbitrarily shows that morality has fallen to the ground. I posted and criticized the United States.