The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that on February 12, a Virginia-class submarine of the US Navy was discovered in Russian territorial waters near the Kuril Island Urup.

The department clarified that planned exercises of the Pacific Fleet forces are being held in the area.

A message was transmitted to the crew of the American submarine in Russian and English: “You are in the territorial waters of Russia.

Ascend immediately! ”, However, the foreign ship ignored this requirement. 

“In accordance with the guidelines for the protection of the state border of the Russian Federation in the underwater environment, the crew of the frigate of the Pacific Fleet “Marshal Shaposhnikov” used appropriate means.

The American submarine used a self-propelled simulator to double the target on radar and acoustic control means and left the territorial waters of Russia at maximum speed, ”the department noted.

  • "Marshal Shaposhnikov"


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In connection with the violation by the US Navy submarine of the state border of the Russian Federation, the Defense Attache at the US Embassy in Moscow was summoned to the Russian Ministry of Defense, he was handed a note. 

The defense department stressed that they regard the actions of the American submarine as "a gross violation of international law."

“The provocative actions of the US Navy ship created a threat to the national security of the Russian Federation.

The Russian Ministry of Defense insists on the need for the United States to take measures to prevent such situations in the future, ”they stressed.

The Russian side, the Defense Ministry added, reserves the right to take all possible measures in its territorial sea to ensure the country's security.

Member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Dmitry Belik, in an interview with RT, noted that Russia, as a peace-loving country, is not interested in resolving issues through conflicts and strives for a constructive dialogue.

“But patience, as you know, has a limit.

And Russia does not intend to allow the crossing of red lines, because the country's security comes first.

And for those who do not understand this, testing the patience of our country and invading our territorial waters, we can give a tough but fair answer, ”he stressed.

In turn, Deputy Director of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasts of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, member of the Public Chamber of Russia Nikita Danyuk

noted that in the context of a very tense situation around Ukraine, as well as against the backdrop of security negotiations, the United States is pursuing a policy aimed at creating provocations.

“The US has embarked on a policy designed to play on our nerves.

Violations of the border and the entry of this kind of submarines into our territorial waters is naturally perceived as a kind of demonstration that our country is perceived as a potential target.

It is very important that our Navy forces reacted to this, identified the violation, and warned of possible consequences.

Unfortunately, one gets the impression that the Americans are doing this purposefully and they will not stop, ”the expert noted.

He expressed the opinion that the presence of NATO forces in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, the Baltic and the Black Sea will increase.

“The United States itself is purposefully escalating and when they see an adequate response, they try to put the blame for the escalation of the conflict on the Russian side.

Unfortunately, this policy, two-faced and absolutely irresponsible, can lead to sad consequences,” he stressed.

Recall that the Russian side has repeatedly drawn attention to the pulling together of NATO forces to the borders of Russia.

This, in particular, was spoken by the head of the Ministry of Defense Sergei Shoigu.

In addition, in recent years, Russia has regularly recorded cases or attempts to violate Russian state borders by military aircraft and ships of NATO member countries.

So, in June, the Black Sea Fleet and the border service of the FSB of Russia stopped the violation of the Russian state border by the British destroyer Defender.

The ship, not responding to warnings, crossed the state border of the Russian Federation and entered the territorial waters in the area of ​​Cape Fiolent for three kilometers.

“We qualify this as a gross British provocation that runs counter to international law and Russian law,” said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. 

Sergei Shoigu noted that ships of foreign states entering the Black Sea with long-range precision weapons on board are trying to test Russia's defense capability by their actions.

Moscow called on the alliance to stop provocations and act within the framework of international law.