A British zoo has put on a clever show for the breeding of the endangered Barbary Macaque.

On the 7th, Trentham Monkey Forest, located in Titensor, England, released a special performance video saying, "We had a very special guest over the weekend to celebrate the mating season of Barbary monkeys."

The video showed singer David Raj singing a song on a meadow.

Around him were a few monkeys, puzzled by the out-of-the-ordinary fissure, sitting still and listening to the song.

David Raj sang the legendary love song 'Let's Get It On', and the zoo said, "We came up with a way to serenade the monkeys to express their love more actively." It was to provide a sweet atmosphere that makes you fall in love at any moment in time for the mating season."

Monkeys may appear bored to love songs, but studies also show that music has a variety of effects on animals, such as cows who listen to music produce more milk.

A zoo official said, "Some monkeys listened to music and did unusual things.

The barbary monkey is an endangered species designated by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Experts estimate the global population of barbary monkeys to be about 5,000, and predict that the population will decline sharply if it continues.

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(Photo = 'Trentham Monkey Forest' website and Twitter)