Europe 1 with AFP 12:29 p.m., February 11, 2022

The Ministry of National Education announced on Friday the new batch of health measures in schools.

The protocol will thus be lightened from the start of the school year for schoolchildren returning from winter vacation, in each zone.

The rules concerning the wearing of a mask and the policy on self-testing are notably lightened.

The anti-Covid health protocol in schools will be lightened upon the return of winter school holidays in each area, with the abolition of the wearing of masks in the playground and the reduction in the number of self-tests to be carried out, the ministry announced on Friday. of National Education.

“The health situation in the general population and in the school population is in very marked improvement, even better than what we expected”, declared Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer, after a meeting with the union representatives.

“If I look at the figures for January 25, which represent a peak for the school situation, we had 167,000 cases per day. Yesterday, we were at 12,500 cases. So it is obviously a clear improvement, which makes it possible to envisage the reductions that we have already been talking about for several days," he added.

The end of sworn statements for self-tests

Among the measures announced, the number of tests requested for contact case students will be reduced from three to one from February 28.

They will only have to do one self-test or antigenic test after two days (D2) instead of three currently (on D0, D2 and D4).

The declarations on honor that families submit after the first self-test will also be deleted from February 21.


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In primary schools, the health protocol will go from level 3 to level 2 for the whole of the metropolis when each zone returns from the winter holidays.

In particular, this will mean the end of the obligation to wear a mask outdoors for elementary school students and staff.

More mixing of students will also be authorized, they can now be mixed again with other students of the same level outside their class, in particular during restoration times.

Sport can again be done indoors without wearing a mask.

On the other hand, students will keep the mask in class at this stage, the ministry said.