On the 11th, the New York Stock Exchange was wary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and sell orders swelled. The Dow Jones Industrial Average temporarily dropped by more than $ 600.

The New York Stock Exchange on the 11th was told that Russia's invasion of Ukraine could begin, including during the Beijing Olympics, raising alertness, swelling sell orders, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. At one point, the price dropped significantly by more than $ 600 compared to the 10th.

The closing price was $ 34,738,6, which is $ 503.03 lower than the 10th.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen for the second consecutive business day, with the decline exceeding $ 1,000 in two days.

In addition, the Nasdaq stock index, which has many IT-related stocks, also fell sharply by 2.7%.

Market officials said, "There are concerns that inflation will continue as the price of crude oil futures rises, which also led to a decline in stock prices. Investors avoid risk because the outlook for the situation in Ukraine is uncertain. We are strengthening our stance. For the time being, stock prices are likely to be affected by information on trends in Russia. "