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On February 4, the world-renowned Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony was held at the National Stadium "Bird's Nest".

At about 9:51 that night, President Xi Jinping solemnly announced: "The 24th Beijing Winter Olympic Games are open!"

△ On the evening of February 4, 2022, the opening ceremony of the 24th Beijing Winter Olympic Games was grandly held at the National Stadium.

President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and announced the opening of the Winter Olympics.

  At the opening ceremony, the beautiful "Twenty-Four Solar Terms" scene was stunningly presented in the countdown. The "snowflakes" falling all over the screen were exactly the artistic conception of Li Bai's famous sentence "Yanshan snowflakes are as big as a seat". The tiger head cap makes people sincerely praise... The hospitable Chinese people welcome nearly 3,000 athletes from 91 countries and regions with the unique romance of the Chinese nation, and share the ice and snow event with people from all over the world.

  Since 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping has visited three competition areas in Beijing and Hebei five times to inspect the preparations for the Winter Olympics.

Seeing that many venues have incorporated Chinese elements in the renovation and construction, showing cultural confidence, the general secretary encouraged: "We must not only host a successful Winter Olympics, but also host a unique, exciting and unique event."

  Culture is the soul of a country and a nation.

Culture rejuvenates the country, and culture strengthens the nation. CCTV's "Limcast+" specially sorted out the relevant speeches of the General Secretary on the elements of Chinese culture in the Beijing Winter Olympics, and learnt with you.

  (China Central Radio and Television Station CCTV Network)