On the 10th, Russian troops started a joint exercise with Belarus in Belarus, which borders northern Ukraine, and also gathered a fleet as an exercise in the Black Sea facing southern Ukraine, and military pressure around Ukraine. Is further strengthened.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on the early morning of the 10th that it had begun a joint military exercise between Russian and Belarus forces in Belarus.

The Russian Ministry of Defense says that the exercise will be held by the 20th and is aimed at defending against external attacks and terrorism. It is said that it has started training using the surface-to-air missile system S400.

Meanwhile, the Russian army has been conducting exercises with the Black Sea Fleet in the Black Sea facing southern Ukraine since last month, and six new landing ships from other fleets were added earlier this month, and Russia unilaterally merged on the 10th. It means that he entered the military port Sevastopol on the Crimean Peninsula in southern Ukraine.

"These ships are designed to land troops and may take some military action," a Pentagon spokesman, Kirby, warned about the Russian Navy's move.

Russia is increasing military pressure around Ukraine by concentrating ships in the Black Sea on the south side in line with military exercises in Belarus on the north side of Ukraine.

Countries donate military supplies to Ukraine

In Belarus, which borders Ukraine, joint military exercises by Russia and Belarus began on the 10th, but Ukraine will also conduct military exercises on the same schedule in response to this.

Under these circumstances, British military aircraft and American cargo planes landed one after another at the airport on the outskirts of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and cargo containing military supplies was unloaded and loaded onto the waiting truck. I did.

Ukraine is requesting each country to provide military supplies such as weapons in preparation for the invasion by Russia, and the United States is proceeding with the provision of weapons and ammunition of 200 million dollars, 23 billion yen in Japanese yen. The United Kingdom has also provided anti-tank missiles and ammunition so far.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the three Baltic states, will also provide weapons such as anti-tank missiles and surface-to-air missiles.

Ukraine has announced that it will use weapons provided by each country in this military exercise, and is restraining the Russian side.