“The worst may be behind us” .. Corona vaccine every 5 years for some cases

The American chief medical advisor, Anthony Fauci, said that the world is almost finished with the first full phase of the epidemic and that the worst may be behind us, suggesting that an annual vaccination against the virus is likely not needed "except in cases of necessity."

Fauci said during an interview with the "Financial Times" magazine that it is primarily related to the condition of the person, and gave an example of a young man who is not over thirty years old and does not complain of any disease, saying, "This, for example, may need a dose only every five years."

Fauci had revealed last December that it was not yet clear if annual doses of the Corona vaccine were needed, saying, "We do not know what is required."

But his statement, Wednesday, is perhaps the clearest expression yet of his doubt that annual Covid-19 boosters will be necessary, which contrasts with other experts who have suggested that vaccinations should be annually as new mutations of the coronavirus that we knew at the end of 2019.

And in early January, WHO experts warned that only giving booster doses of the vaccine was not a viable strategy in confronting the emerging mutant, and called for new vaccines that better protect against transmission.

The World Health Organization's Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19 said in a statement that a "vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses" of available vaccines was "not appropriate or viable."

"There is a need to develop highly effective anti-Covid-19 vaccines to prevent infection, transmission, acute forms of infection and death," added the committee charged with supervising anti-coronavirus vaccines.

This group of experts considered, "pending the availability of such vaccines, and with the development of the virus, the composition of the currently available anti-Covid vaccines should probably be updated to ensure that it continues to provide the levels of protection recommended by the World Health Organization to prevent infection and disease" caused by the mutant, including Omicron.

For its part, the chief executive of the National Health Services in Britain, Amanda Pritchard, said last November that the health service is already preparing to provide a booster vaccine program against corona annually if necessary, and has ordered 114 million new doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to be delivered in 2022. and 2023.

Likewise, Germany already offers a fourth booster vaccine for people at risk, and Ulrich Wegeldt, president of Germany's General Practitioners Association, told Bild newspaper in December that he expects the boosters to mirror the annual flu shot.

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