In Europe, where Omicron mutation spread before Korea, more and more countries are easing quarantine measures.

Following the lifting of most quarantine regulations, the UK announced that self-quarantine for confirmed cases could be scrapped within this month.

Sweden has also decided to suspend large-scale diagnostic testing. 

Correspondent Jeong Ban-seok.

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] British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a surprise announcement in a speech to the House of Commons held on the 9th local time that the self-quarantine rule for people with COVID-19 could be repealed by the end of this month.

[Boris Johnson/Prime Minister of the United Kingdom: We expect to be able to end the domestic Corona 19 regulations a month earlier, including the mandatory self-isolation rule if positive.]

Currently, if you test positive in the UK, you must self-quarantine for at least 5 days.

On the 19th of last month, Prime Minister Johnson lifted measures such as wearing an indoor mask and a vaccine pass at a large event and predicted that the self-quarantine of the confirmed person would be eliminated as soon as next month, but that time was moved up by a month.

The number of new confirmed cases, which exceeded 210,000 on the 4th of last month, decreased to the level of 50,000 on the 6th, showing confidence in 'With Corona'.

Similarly, Sweden, which was given by new confirmed cases, has decided to suspend large-scale testing for COVID-19 altogether.

Instead, workers in the health sector, workers in nursing homes for the elderly, and people vulnerable to COVID-19 can receive free tests when they have symptoms.

[Anna Andersson / Swedish cinema operator: From today on, you no longer need a Corona 19 pass.

It feels really good to be able to accommodate the maximum number of people.]

Germany has decided to lift the obligation to present the vaccine pass in stores from the 16th, and France also announced that it will be able to release the vaccine pass around the end of March or early April. .