China News Agency, Bangkok, February 9th. The Chinese Embassy in Thailand issued a notice on the 9th, reminding compatriots in third countries to carefully choose to come to Thailand for transit and return home.

  The notice said that recently, the Thai Immigration Bureau has issued new regulations, which include that foreigners entering with a visa on arrival shall not apply to continue to stay in Thailand, and shall not change the type of visa; and increase the review requirements for the renewal applications of foreigners who enter the country with tourist visas and non-immigrant visas. Wait.

Recently, a number of compatriots who came to Thailand from third countries have been refused entry to Thailand in hopes of getting a visa on arrival and have been stranded at the airport for repatriation.

Some compatriots stay illegally because their visas on arrival or other visas expire and cannot be renewed.

In addition, some individuals or intermediaries uploaded false entry time materials and attempted to defraud the health code. It was found that the application for the health code was locked.

  For the compatriots who plan to transit in Thailand in the near future, the Chinese Embassy in Thailand solemnly reminds: 1. Be sure to strictly abide by the relevant regulations of the embassy on transit in Thailand from a third country, including obtaining the green code of the country of origin, staying in Thailand for 28 days or more, and Implement relevant testing requirements, etc.

2. Be sure to fully understand the latest entry policy of Thailand, and obtain a Thai entry visa valid for at least 28 days before coming to Thailand.

If you apply for a visa on arrival, you may be refused entry or lead to overstaying, and you may face the risk of being deported or punished by the immigration bureau.

3. When applying for the health code, be sure to truthfully explain the travel trajectory, and upload photos such as the complete passport page of the exit stamp of the country of origin and the entry stamp of Thailand.

Violations and frauds will lead to the suspension of the qualification to apply for the health code.