China Overseas Chinese Network, February 9th. On February 4th, the Lunar New Year, which is also the day of the beginning of spring, the curtain of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was officially opened.

The overseas Chinese who are struggling in Italy will not miss this historic and exciting moment. The Italian National TV Station 2 (Rai2) broadcasted the live broadcast of the opening ceremony of the "2022 Beijing Winter Olympics". Zhu Yuhua, chairman of the Italian-China Exchange Association, led the members. We watched the live broadcast for the first time.

The directors of the Italian-Chinese Exchange Association applauded the Beijing Winter Olympics in Piazza San Marco in Venice, wishing their home country prosperity and prosperity

  Zhu Yuhua said that the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was splendid, romantic and beautiful, perfectly combining the connotation of Chinese culture with the Olympic spirit, presenting a warm audio-visual feast.

The opening ceremony deeply integrated Chinese culture and modern technology. The spectacular scenes and ingenious ideas shocked all overseas Chinese and showed the world a flourishing and ever-changing China.

  At the opening ceremony, when the Chinese delegation entered the venue with "Singing the Motherland", China's red shining bird's nest seemed to return to the summer of 2008.

The opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games was tense and shocking, but now I feel the responsibility, calmness and peace of the rising powers.

In addition, 24 solar terms were used for the countdown to the opening ceremony, and the pictures were accompanied by Tang poetry and Song lyrics. The order of appearance of delegations from various countries was based on the strokes of Chinese characters. The national flags were passed by outstanding representatives of 56 ethnic groups. This is a romance belonging to the Chinese.

There are also many touching pictures and moments, which are light-lifting and show the demeanor of a great country.

  Lighting up the Olympic flame over Beijing once again will illuminate the way forward for "unity, friendship and peace" for the world.

As a language that transcends national borders, sports are telling the Olympic story of "faster, higher, stronger and more united", playing the role of breaking down barriers, building consensus and uniting strength.

In the Chinese New Year, which symbolizes reunion, the Italian-Chinese Exchange Association led its members to celebrate the New Year with people from the Olympic family all over the world, and work together to look forward to the future.

  The next 2026 Milan-Cortina d'Ampezzo Winter Olympics will be held from February 6, 2026 to February 22, 2026 in Milan, Italy, and Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy.

Italy hopes to make the Winter Olympics "more special", based on its national passion for sports and the country's Olympic experience, to promote the development of the Alpine region and inject new value into the Olympic Games.

  The Olympic link connects China and Italy, two ancient civilizations, once again.

At this moment, I sincerely wish the "2022 Beijing Winter Olympics" a complete success.

I wish the Chinese athletes to create greater glories.

At the same time, looking forward to the 2026 Milan-Cortina d'Ampezzo Winter Olympics, and wishing China and Italy more diversified exchanges and cooperation in the new year.

(Contributed by Italy-China Exchange Association, photo provided)