• Marine Le Pen assured that the “radicality” and the “useless brutality” of Eric Zemmour made it possible to “refocus” his own candidacy.

  • The National Rally candidate advised the ex-controversialist to "clean up his movement", accusing him of attracting "traditionalist Catholics", "pagans and some Nazis" to his campaign.

  • By demonizing her rival, Marine Le Pen hopes to take another step in normalizing her movement.

The meeting match did not take place.

Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour both took care not to target each other on Saturday during their respective speeches in Reims and Lille.

But, at the start of the morning, the candidate of the National Rally multiplied the pikes against her rival, ensuring that her “radicality” and her “unnecessary brutality” made it possible to “refocus” her own candidacy.

"I don't look like the caricature that has been made of me for years," she justified.

On the side of the RN, the strategy is clear: to use the Reconquest candidate to try to complete the demonization undertaken in recent years.

"The brutality of Zemmour makes the presidentiality of Marine Le Pen more visible"

Since taking over as head of the National Front in 2011, now the National Rally, Marine Le Pen has been trying to transform her movement into a more “respectable” party, far from the excesses and provocations of her father.

The irruption of Eric Zemmour in the political game in recent months could help the deputy of Pas-de-Calais.

This is the opinion of Jean-Marie Le Pen in person.

“Zemmour, I like him very much.

He puts my ideas back into the campaign.

It is he who is being attacked, he is the man of the extreme right.

Perhaps he is doing Marine a favor, ”said the patriarch, this Sunday, at the JDD.

At the RN, we thus mock the “Potemkin campaign” of Eric Zemmour, whose movements are regularly accompanied by anti-racist demonstrations.

We also note his media and legal troubles.

“His brutality, his caricatures do more than refocus Marine.

They make his calm and his presidential position more visible.

In reality, the troublemaker Zemmour highlights all the work it has been carrying out for five years, after the setbacks of 2017 ”, advances Gilles Pennelle, boss of the RN in Brittany.

Faced with her rival, Marine Le Pen presents herself as the candidate for "concrete solutions" and "credibility", seeking to make people forget her failed debate between the two rounds of the last presidential election.

Marine Le Pen points to "the Nazis" at Eric Zemmour

But, in recent days, Marine Le Pen has gone a step further.

The RN candidate advised her identity rival to "clean up her movement", accusing her of "communitarianism" and of attracting "traditionalist Catholics", "pagans and some Nazis" to her campaign.

“Eric Zemmour is young in politics: it is advice from an experienced manager,” she added to journalists on Saturday.

Demonizing the adversary, the final stage of de-demonization?

“Since she has been at the head of the RN, she has fired people who were absolute obstacles to the conquest of power, supports Sébastien Chenu, spokesperson for the candidate.

Today we find these folkloric and sulphurous people at Zemmour.

If he wants to be the broom wagon of nationalism and bring these people together, that shows that his candidacy is not very serious, ”he adds, targeting in particular the Parti de la France, founded in 2009 by National Front veterans.

Critics swept away this week by the person concerned.

“I am a Frenchman of the Jewish faith.

I naively believed that the Nazis wanted to exterminate the Jews.

We have to stop with this circus.

There are no Nazis on my team, that's clear.

On RTL, Gilbert Collard was ironic.

“It's still extraordinary to see that she uses arguments against us that the left-wing sores used against the National Rally.

She will end up president of SOS Racisme.


“Listening to her, Marine Le Pen is the MoDem”

In the majority, we denounce a communication operation.

“Listening to her, Marine Le Pen is the MoDem.

But no one is fooled,” squeaks a executive from La République en Marche.

Basically, the two candidates have many similarities, particularly on security or immigration issues.

At the RN, we even accuse the rival of having "pumped" part of the program.

Eric Zemmour, for his part, believes he has moved Marine Le Pen's campaign.

“We have points in common on immigration, but there is a major difference.

I make it the central point, whereas she did not intend to talk about it much before I was a candidate, he said recently at his HQ.

There are the measures and the overall philosophy of the policy;

Me, I'm talking about a great replacement.


At the end of the meeting on Saturday, Marine Le Pen spoke of the "trials of her life", with this desire to soften her image with the French.

Eric Zemmour, he always claims his radicalism, as he said at his HQ.

“Politics is not tea at five o'clock with the Countess.

Politics is hard.

I defend my beliefs strongly.

That's politics, the clash of ideas.



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