French presidential election 2022: Éric Woerth announces his support for Emmanuel Macron

Eric Woerth announces that he is joining Emmanuel Macron's campaign, a few days before Valérie Pécresse's first big meeting.


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The LR president of the finance committee at the Assembly, Éric Woerth, announces that he is joining Emmanuel Macron's campaign.

The former minister under Nicolas Sarkozy criticizes the line and the campaign of Valérie Pécresse, a few days before the first major meeting of the candidate.

A blow for the one who is in the race for the Élysée.


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To justify his rallying to

Emmanuel Macron

, Éric Woerth does not mince his words: " 

France needs an experienced president

 ", not a " 

beginner every five years

 ", he told the newspaper

Le Parisien


You have to understand:

Valérie Pécresse

does not have the build.

And the former budget minister under Nicolas Sarkozy accuses his Les Républicains party of being turned towards the past and " 

obsessed with radical Islamism



Valérie Pécresse and Xavier Bertrand left in their time for the same reasons

 ”, he assures.

Words that fall badly for Valérie Pécresse who in this campaign struggles to demonstrate her differences vis-à-vis Emmanuel Macron.

Éric Woerth, an "opportunist" according to Pécresse's spokespersons

In the camp of the candidate, we relativize: “ 

Guillaume Peltier left for Zemmour because we were too centrist and


Woerth is leaving because we are too right.

It means that we balance, a point everywhere, ball in the center

 ”, ironically the deputy Éric Pauget.

And the spokespersons of Valérie Pécresse to pound the credibility of Éric Woerth: “ 

He is an opportunist, the guy is obsessed with budgetary rigor and he goes to Macron who burned the cash register

 ”, loose an elected official.

As for the head of the LR, Christian Jacob, he sees it as a way of protecting himself from justice.

Éric Woerth is notably


in the case of the Libyan financing of Nicolas Sarkozy's campaign in 2007.


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