Good evening,

Manfred Koehler

Head of department of the Rhein-Main editorial team of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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today it's about everything that's different.

In Frankfurt, in Hesse.

So let's get in: Elsewhere, in other big cities, car traffic has almost reached the old level again despite the pandemic, it's backing up as ever.

Not so in Frankfurt.

This city remains relaxed when it comes to car traffic.

Who finds out like this?

The company TomTom, known for its navigation devices, can calculate how much longer it takes a driver to reach their destination on average because there is a traffic jam.

Before the crisis in Frankfurt, let's say in December 2019: it was a good 40 minutes instead of 30 minutes with free travel.

Ten minutes traffic jam.

But in December 2019: less than 35 minutes, only five minutes lost.

Why car traffic in Frankfurt is still lower than elsewhere compared to pre-pandemic times

is difficult to say.

Perhaps because so many people work in offices in Frankfurt, working from home is easier than in industry, for example.

In any case, good news for everyone who is dependent on a car.

And what is different in Hesse?

Unlike Bavaria, Hesse does not have a prime minister who is constantly on ego trips.

While Markus Söder (CSU) let it be known on Monday that he would put off the compulsory vaccination for nurses and thus tear down a cornerstone of the fight against corona, Volker Bouffier (CDU) announced on Tuesday that he wanted more detailed information for the realization Specifications from Berlin.

It remains to be seen whether this is also the beginning of the exit at Bouffier.

But in any case he doesn't come with the crowbar like his counterpart in the South.

Some things are also different in Hanau.

Apparently C & A should close there as well as in a number of other cities.

In Hanau, however, companies and property owners got together and found a solution - moderated by city officials.

So much commitment from the state is also okay in a market economy.

Pleasing result: C & A stays - different than elsewhere.


the Frankfurt Chamber Opera is also moving to the "Factory" in Sachsenhausen


the Rüsselsheim-based car manufacturer Opel calls 570,000 vehicles into the workshop


resident parking in Frankfurt is to become significantly more expensive.

I wish you a pleasant evening

Yours, Manfred Koehler



for Wednesday: A few clouds that will later loosen up from the southwest at a maximum of 12 degrees.

In the loosely cloudy night it cools down to 2 degrees.




Thomas Platte

, Director of the Hessen State Office for Construction and Real Estate, Wiesbaden (62);

Christiane Benner

, Deputy Chairwoman of IG Metall, Frankfurt (54);

Stephanie Wüst

(FDP), Head of the City of Frankfurt (33).