From 2008 to 2022, from fireworks "Big Footprints" to fireworks "Welcome Pine", from "Fantasy Five Rings" to "Ice and Snow Five Rings", from the "Chinese Picture Scroll" back in history to the "Crystal Snowflakes" heading into the future— - In the same national stadium "Bird's Nest", the Olympic flames look at each other across time and space, and freeze the next moment that will create history.

  Beijing, the world's first "Double Olympic City".

  February 4, coincides with the beginning of spring, the beginning of the recovery of all things.

The opening of the 24th Winter Olympic Games, the countdown to the traditional Chinese 24 solar terms, is full of ingenuity.

The Chinese nation, which has experienced ups and downs, haunted the Olympic dream for a hundred years, bravely and resolutely faced the breath of spring, and unfolded a new chapter of the era.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out profoundly that hosting the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics is hard-won and of great significance. It is highly consistent with the realization of the "two centenary goals" and has injected new impetus into the development of Beijing in the new era.

  The unprecedented "city of two Olympics" is engraved with the extraordinary history of a nation's perseverance and perseverance.

If we say that the first handshake between Beijing and the Olympics was that a rising and prosperous China actively integrated into the world and showed its "self" with a long history, now that we meet again, it is a two-way run between a stronger China and the world, showing the great harmony of the world. the "we".

  Struggle and transcendence constitute the main line of the "Double Olympic Road".

  For Beijing, this is the new kinetic energy injected by the times; for China, it is a new opportunity to achieve leapfrog, "China's sports, economic and social development and the development of the world Olympic movement create a win-win situation"; for the world, this is the Olympic movement. A historic moment, "creating a new paradigm for the sustainable development of the Olympic Games and the region".

  Overlooking Beijing today, the preparations for the Winter Olympics for more than six years have resonated with the city's development at the same frequency.

From the rejuvenation of the "Double Olympic Venues", you can feel the new pulse of the ancient capital for thousands of years.

  In the central area of ​​​​the Olympic Park, the venue for the hockey and archery competitions of the Summer Olympics, the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium "Ice Ribbon" full of technological gold has risen from the ground; the National Swimming Center "Water Cube", Capital Gymnasium, Wukesong Sports Center , These well-known Summer Olympic venues have been upgraded and transformed into the "ice and snow mode", taking on new missions and radiating new brilliance.

  In the western suburbs of Beijing, Shougang has completed a gorgeous turn from fire to ice, from factory to city.

The Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and the high-level ice and snow training base have settled here, and the ski jumping platform "Xue Feitian" will be permanently reserved for use after the competition.

This century-old industrial relic, before and after the 2008 Olympic Games, was relocated as a whole "to restore the blue sky in the capital". Now it has turned waste into treasure and turned into a new landmark of the city's ice and snow.

  After the 2008 Olympic Games, a total of 31 competition venues have been put into use in Beijing, creating a wide range of social and economic benefits; for the 2022 Winter Olympics, 11 of the 13 competition and non-competition venues in the Beijing competition area were left over from the Olympic Games that year.

  "Repeated, comprehensive, and lasting use of competition venues", creatively realize the two-way conversion of winter and summer projects, Chinese experience and Chinese wisdom are contained in it.

The precious wealth left by the "City of Double Olympics" belongs not only to Beijing, China, but also to the world.

  The concept of "green, shared, open and clean" Olympic Games has brought not only changes in the appearance of the city, but also new development ideas and motivation.

  Before the construction of "the first shovel soil" in the Yanqing competition area, the surrounding animal and plant resources should be thoroughly researched and archived.

As small as a tree, a handful of soil under the tree, and small animals inhabiting it, they are all carefully protected.

The national snowmobile and sled center "Snow Dragon" specially reserved an entrance at the slower slope to facilitate public participation after the race.

  A “Green and Low-Carbon Public Transport Network for the Winter Olympics” has been deployed in Beijing, and the “soft environment” such as landscaping and barrier-free facilities has been greatly improved; regional ecological joint governance, from 2015 to 2021, the average annual concentration of PM2.5 in Beijing will drop by 59%; A group of beautiful, harmonious and livable Winter Olympic streets, Winter Olympic communities, Winter Olympic parks, and Winter Olympic landscape avenues constitute a thriving urban landscape...

  The "Double Olympics elements" are integrated into the urban texture, and a one-off plan and a package of solutions have given Beijing an "acceleration" of sustainable development.

The process of building a "city with two Olympics" is not only the fulfillment of Beijing's commitment to the international community, but also the fulfillment of its commitment to the people.

  From "One World, One Dream" to "Towards the Future Together", the successive struggles of the two Olympic cycles have witnessed the growth of the "Double Olympic City" and also left the footprints of the strugglers.

Many staff who have participated in the construction of the Summer Olympics have joined the preparations for the Winter Olympics and continue to contribute light and heat.

  Li Jiulin, chief engineer of Beijing Urban Construction Group, from the construction of the "Bird's Nest" to the construction of the "Ice Ribbon", has not changed his original intention to innovate independently and fill in the technological gap; the Hanghai team who designed the Olympic medal "Golden Inlaid Jade" has carved it out more than ten years later. Carefully crafting the Winter Olympics medal "Concentric", every square inch shows the cultural heritage of "Double Olympic City"...

  The Olympic spirit has been passed down from generation to generation, and the strong "Double Olympic Complex" is deeply rooted in the heart.

"Participating in the two Olympic Games at home is the luck of our generation. The persistence of the two Olympic Games is the inheritance of the two Olympic Games." This sentence expresses the common aspiration of the "Double Olympics".

  There are also the city and its people who have the "Double Olympic Memory".

The elements of the Winter Olympics are scattered all over the streets and alleys, revealing a strong festive atmosphere.

From the citizens who took pictures and "check-in" the Winter Olympics landscape, to the long queues snapping up the Winter Olympics souvenirs, the reunion with the Olympics after a long absence is like seeing each other for the first time, and the affection is even stronger.

  After experiencing the Olympic baptism, the visible and invisible Olympic imprint has long been integrated into the blood of the Chinese nation.

The host spirit of "I participate, I contribute, and I am happy" is spread in every corner of the "City of Two Olympics".

  The country's first Olympic community - Beijing Dongsi Street, more than 200 residents spontaneously formed the "Double Olympic Volunteer Service Team"; former speed skaters in Shijingshan District took the initiative to provide free training for community residents in skating skills; Yanqing "environmental grandma" He Yufeng led more people to build the "Most Beautiful Winter Olympic City"...

  In 2008, the "post-80s" volunteers known as the "Bird's Nest Generation" have now grown into the backbone of society.

After a lapse of 14 years, the youthful "post-00s" gathered again, showing more confident and smart smiling business cards and Chinese expressions.

  On the journey of "Double Olympic City", there are a hundred years of plans and long-term considerations, and it also conveys the temperature of "people first".

  From ice and snow sports becoming a new starting point for promoting national fitness, to the Winter Olympic venues planning ahead and using "scripts" after the games, to the fact that a healthy, low-carbon and environmentally friendly lifestyle has become the norm. The Austrian effect has gradually emerged.

The new development concepts have turned into vivid samples, and it is always the people who will benefit from the Winter Olympics for a long time.

  Looking out from the west curtain wall of the "Ice Ribbon", a row of plane trees stands proudly.

Those trees were planted in 2008, and now the small saplings have grown into big trees.

Beijing's forge ahead in pursuit of dreams and double Olympics is also a microcosm of China's more than 40 years of reform and opening up.

  "What we didn't dare to think about in the past, now we dare to think about it, and we can do it when we think about it, and we can do it when we do it."

  The international community has seen "China's future" from the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  When the Olympics and oriental civilization meet again, there will be a more open, confident and calm China, a China that "makes the common people happy", a China that "must keep its word and act with results", and a China that "steps on the right path in the world" , presented in front of the world in all directions.

  History has chosen China, and the times have created the "city of double Olympics".

Through the Winter Olympics, it is not difficult to have this insight: even if the challenges of the epidemic lie ahead, as long as we unite as one and put people first, we can break through the current gloom and move towards a bright future.

  In the ignition ceremony of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the whole world jointly guarded a cluster of "shimmering lights". This unprecedented creativity is a vivid interpretation of the "Chinese solution" to answer the proposition of the times.

"Double Olympic Value" condenses here, bringing hope and strength to all mankind.

  At this moment, it is the Spring Festival.

Chinese people pay attention to "family harmony and everything is prosperous". From the "small reunion" of every household to the "big reunion" of the Olympics calling the world, the "city of two Olympics" sings the harmony of the era of "together to the future".

  Coordinator Zhao Jiaming Wang Fangjie

  Written by Zheng Yi and Li Yang

  Planning Xue Yuan Du Shangze