• The M6 ​​program "Forbidden Zone" on radical Islam, partly shot in Roubaix, was broadcast more than two weeks ago.

  • Not a day has passed since without the subject coming back to the fore.

  • Even presidential candidates talk about Roubaix on television sets.

The “Forbidden Zone” report on radical Islam, partly filmed in Roubaix, and broadcast on M6 more than two weeks ago, continues to fuel conversations.

And the least we can say is that opinions are divided, especially among the candidates for the presidential election.

Saturday, first, is Eric Zemmour, the candidate of “Reconquest!

in the presidential election, which sent Roubaix down in a pinch.

“Roubaix, ah!

Roubaix, Afghanistan two hours from Paris and 20 minutes from your home,” he told the thousands of supporters who came to attend his meeting in Lille.

For him, the theme of the M6 ​​report was "the Islamization of Roubaix" even though the director, Michaëlle Gagnet, made a point of specifying at the microphone of Europe 1 on February 2 that "there are only certain streets of certain neighborhoods that are very communal”.

"Facts that are real, but extremely minority"

This Tuesday, we learned that an investigation had been opened after the presenter of the show, Ophélie Meunier, received death threats.

A young man committed against Islamism who testifies openly and the mayor of the city, Guillaume Delbar, were also threatened.

Monday, on LCP, requested by journalist Elizabeth Martichoux, the communist presidential candidate, Fabien Roussel, also returned to the subject.

“What is shown through this investigation exists, it is the reality.

It reveals a climate, it reveals this type of business, "he said, stressing however that "we should also show all the wealth that there is in Roubaix".

On France Culture, this Tuesday, the Lille sociologist Anne Bory deplored a "stigmatizing media and political construction, which is based on facts which are real, but extremely minority".

A point of view shared by the mayor of Roubaix who had, the day after the broadcast, denounced “amalgams” and “stigmatization”.

Again this Tuesday, on BFM TV this time, it was the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, who reaffirmed his “friendship” with the mayor of the town.

“He is indeed my friend Guillaume Delbar.

He is going through a difficult time.

Regardless of that, he responds to the difficulties he must have in the management of his commune and I do not mix the two, ”said Gérald Darmanin.

"Difficulties" related to the upcoming trial of the elected official for having granted subsidies to an educational support association accused of doing Islamic proselytism.


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